Courthouse 10-31-13

District Court
LAH Cubed, LLC received a judgment of $117,272.30 plus interest and costs from Midwest Steel Fabrications Co. Inc., Topeka.
In the case of Zachary Horn vs. Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles, the Court ordered that the plaintiff withdraw his appeal on his driver's license suspension and the same be dismissed with prejudice, that the administrative suspension of the plaintiff's driver's license was affirmed, that the stay of suspension of the plaintiff's driver's license appeal should be withdrawn and his suspension become effective the date of the filing of journal entry (Oct. 28), that costs of the action be assessed to the plaintiff.

The case of Credit Management Services Inc. vs. William Dray et al, Concordia, has been dismissed with prejudice.

Kroger Inc. dba KWIK Shop 15744 seeks a judgment of $11.38 plus damages, fees, costs and interest from Jared Valeka, Concordia.
Big Bear Repair et al seeks a judgment of $3,450 plus interest and costs from Raymond Morse, Concordia.
Pawnee Valley Community Hospital seeks a judgment of $1,050 plus interest and costs from Bessie Laben, Concordia.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $2,164.12 plus interest and costs from Stephanie Moore, Concordia.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $2,101 plus interest and costs from Dorothy Melville, Glasco.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $2,604.50 plus interest and costs from Nathan G. Chaput et al, Aurora.
Meritrust Credit Union seeks a judgment of $989.45 plus intrest and costs from Shirley Danielson, Concordia.
Strecker Inc. seeks a judgment of $1,194 plus interest and costs from Ryan Sothers, Jewell.
Cavalry SPL ILLC seeks a judgment of $3,640.29 plus interest and costs from Amanda Waterman, Concordia.
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC seeks a judgment of $1,189 plus interest and costs from Deanna Stevenson, Glasco.

Hannah F. Gadri appeared Oct. 24 and was found Guilty and convicted of No Driver's License, and Speeding, 87/70. For the charge of no driver's license she was fined $50. For the speeding charge she was ordered to pay a fine of $87 and costs of the action, $96.

All Subtypes
Oct. 23-29
The following people received fines for Speeding: Edward E. Ball, $210; Kelly A. Cervantes-Donnell, $165; Todd Matthew Crissman, Nathan J. Gieber, Nelson G. Goodwin, John G. Heinen, Timothy R. Hicks II, Nicholas D. Jackson, Nolan R. Koehn, Ronald D. Lagasse, Toddree K. Scott, $141; Victor K. Kinderknecht, $159; Dan Nguyen, $145, deferred adjudication; Carlos F. Pinzon, $201; Oscar H. Santos, $171; Emma J. Ward, $198; Michelle L. Yellowbird, $219.
The following people received $10 fines for failure to wear seat belt: John E. Skrdla, Sarah M. Wilson-Mosher, Charlotte E. Young, $10.
Receiving fines for other violations were: Jacob T. Edwards, $196, transporting an open container; Rico Morin, driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked, $196; Adam L. Tipton, defective tail lamp on motor vehicle, $141.

Quit Claim Deeds:
Sandra J. Mosher and Trina Mead to Joel Salguero, all of lot 9, east half of lot 10 block 65, city of Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas.
Gregory Smith to Gregory Smith, the north half of the northwest quarter and the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 17-8-1 west of the 6th P.M. Cloud County Kansas.
Warranty Deeds:
United Bank & Trust to Todd P. Nicholson and Chylene E. Nicholson, a tract of land in the southeast quarter northwest quarter of section 4-6-3 west of the 6th P.M. Cloud County Kansas, see record.
Clay County National Bank branch of the Girard National Bank to Terry Tate, south half of lot 2, all of lot 3, block 40, north addition to the city of Miltonvale, Cloud County Kansas, see record.
C Properties LLC to Patricia M. Johnson, lot 4 in block 1 and that portion of vacated 13th Street adjoining in East Hills estates, see record; north half east half southwest quarter northwest quarter of 3-6-3 and the west 42' of the north half southeast quarter of 3-6-3 Cloud County Kansas, see record.
Tuyen Thi Tran to James S. Reynolds and Mechelle R. Reynolds, the west 16 feet of lot 16 block 134 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof.
Todd D. Whitney and Dora L Whitney to John A. Budke and Katherine M. Budke, all of lot 15 and the west half of lot 14 in block "B" of Erickson's Addition, an addition to the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof.
Bank of New York Mellon, fka the Bank of New York Trust Admi to Douglas Mosburg, a tract of land in the northeast corner of the northwest quarter of section 10-8-5 west of the 6th P.M. in Cloud County Kansas, see record.
Donna D. Ryser to Karas Breeding and Beth Larson, the east 34' of lot 8 in block 1 in the city of Clyde, Cloud County Kansas, see record.
Sheriff's Deed:
Sheriff of Cloud County to Randall Bank of Randall, north half of 13-6-5, see record; west half of southwest quarter of 13-6-5, see record.
Trustee's Deed:
Marlene Sarbaum, trustee; Pamela Southers, trustee and Marlene Sarbaum revocable trust to David C. Rice and Lori L. Rice, the west half of lot 4 and all of lot 5 in block 9 and a tract of land lying west of and adjoining said lot 5 described in record all in First Addition to the city of Glasco, Cloud County Kansas, see record.

By H. E. Smith
An Old Man's Story
We were twin brothers, Jasper and I. Our mother left this world of grief and sorrow at the moment of our birth, and we never knew her love; but her place was in part supplied by our father's old housekeeper, Dame Watson, who was a good, well-meaning soul, yet showing none of that tender care one's mother can feel.
Our father was engrossed by his business, and devoted but little time to his motherless boys. He was a merchant, and carried on trade in New York, some half an hour's travel by the railway. We lived in a grand old mansion by the Hudson River. The Morton Homestead was well known throughout the country for its antiquated and venerable appearance, having been built before the Revolutionary War, by our English ancestor, Sir Greenville Morton, who had emigrated to this country and adopted it for his own.
Time sped on, and when we were eighteen, ill-health, together with advancing age, caused our father to retire, with a competency, from business. We had received a good education from private tutors, and at the age of twenty we were ready to accede to our father's wishes and go into mercantile business, he furnishing us with a good capital to start with.
So far our lives had known only joy and happiness, we having scarcely a thought that was at variance with brotherly feelings; yet we were very different in disposition. I had inherited my father's stern will and hasty temperament, while, on the contrary, Jasper was gentle and slow to anger, with calm, loving disposition. But even with such different traits of character, we had never yet quarreled since our first childish years.
A sad change was to come over the spirit of our dreams, and this is how it came about. An aunt, our mother's only sister, living in an adjoining state, had, before leaving this vale of tears, requested our father to take care of her only daughter, as he was her nearest of kin then living. As father was only too glad to befriend the orphan, in a few days our cousin was an inmate of Morton Homestead.
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert



Six appointed to arts commission

 Six people were appointed to the newly formed Concordia Arts Commission during Wednesday night's city commission meeting. City Manager Larry Uri said the idea for an arts commission came about because of a grant he is working on for a mural at the proposed Broadway Plaza... [More]

For the record 8-21-14

Police Dept. Report Accident—At 4 p.m., Aug. 20, officers investigated an accident in the 600 block of Washington involving vehicles driven by Savannah Brockelman and Leslie Freeman, both of Concordia.

For the record 8-20-14

Police Dept. Report Arrest—Officers arrested Erin Crawford, 21, Concordia, at 5:10 p.m., Aug. 19, in the 100 block of West 6th Street on a Cloud County Warrant for Failure to Comply. Crawford was transported to Cloud County Law Enforcement Center. Fire Dept./EMS Report... [More]

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Local gymnasts compete

DES MOINES, Iowa — Gymnasts representing the Concordia Gymnastics Center competed in the 2014 Junior Olympics.  Katie Thompson, Concordia, captured first place in the all-around in the Level 7, 18-year-old division. She was first on the bars, first in the floor exercise,... [More]

Blues advance to semifinals of state tournament

WATHENA – The Concordia Blues advanced to the semifinals of the Class AA State American Legion baseball tournament with a 9-6 win over Larned here last night. The Blues are one of just two unbeaten teams remaining in the double elimination tournament. Fort Scott, also unbeaten... [More]

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 Under August 20, “Touchstones,” a book of daily meditations for men, has this to offer, “Spiritual growth is the result of coming face-to-face with our own situation, feeling the brunt of our own puzzlement, recognizing no recipe will apply completely,... [More]

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