Courthouse 2-21-13

District Court
JP Morgan Chase Bank seeks a judgment of $78,243.14 plus interest and costs from Heather L. Chance et al, Minneapolis.
Judith R. Siedhoff seeks a judgment of an amount greater than $75,000, costs and any other orders that the Court deems just and equitable from Jane D. Boyce or Jane D. Boyce, deceased and the administrator of the estate of Jane D. Boyce, Lancaster County, Neb.

Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $507.45 pus interest and costs from Daniel Hansen, et al, Concordia.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $1,346 plus interest and costs from Bridget D. Hayward, Concordia.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $431 plus interest and costs from Kevin C. Collins, Concordia.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $428.40 plus interest and costs from Sandra Campbell, Concordia.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $199.86 plus interest and costs from Brian Empson, Delphos.

The case of Brown Enviro-Control vs. Theresa Nelson, Jamestown, has been dismissed with prejudice.
Melissa LeDuc seeks a judgment of $325 from Anthony Keezer, Concordia.
Barbara A. Cox seeks a judgment of $450 from John and Joyce Hood, Concordia.
City of Jamestown seeks a judgment of $117.59 from Merlen Turley, Jamestown.
Susan Sterling seeks a judgment of $3,684.88 from Jessie Anderson, Concordia.

All Subtypes, Feb. 13-20
The following people received fines for speeding: Darin P. Apland, Tiffany R. Bohl, Kenneth P. Cailteux, Marley M. Evans, Damon M. Farris, Sidney B. Garrett, Joseph A. Kindscher (Feb. 2), Joseph A. Kindscher (Jan. 29), Bryan Licklider, Amber Loomis, Antelmo Mendiza, Joseph R. Vitali, Laurel A. Wegener, Lee A. Young, $143;   Elijah V. Harrison, $287; Kevin L. Henning, $161; Walter Kinzie, $179; Mark A. Ohrenberg, $167; Eric J. Rego, $179.
Receiving fines for failure to wear a seat belt were: Marissa R. Bieker (14-17), $60; Barbara A. Cammack, Jimenez, $10; Gerald Wayne Johnson Jr., $91.
Receiving fines for other violations were: Vanessa A. Brummer, Joshua L. Mesecher, failure to yield at stop or yield sign, $173; Nicholas P. Otero, purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor, $80; Erin A. Smith, operating motor vehicle without a valid license, $229; Domingo Tercero-Ramundo, operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, $200.

Warranty Deeds:
Heather R. Chance to Richard E. Kill and Orva Gene Kill, lots 7, 8 and 9 in block 42 in north addition to the city of Miltonvale, Cloud County, Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof.
Wayne A. Jeardoe to Troy A. Willloughby, lots 1-9 in block 166 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof.
Newman Farm Enterprises, Carl T. Newman, partner, Hanna Newman, partner, Martin M. Newman, partner, and Jerrie McRew, partner to Newman Farm Enterprises LLC, 26-06-04 northwest quarter, 27-06-04 northeast quarter and 22-06-04 southeast quarter southeast quarter.
Connie Fahey to Neal Fletcher and Anita Fletcher, lots 1-7 all in block 7 Kennedy's Addition to the city of Clyde, Cloud County, Kansas.

My Night in a Stage Coach
I thought of the little children waiting for me yonder; of their bitter disappointment if I did not come. Then I did not come. Then I said; "I am anxious to go, and I am willing to pay well for being taken." The landlord leaning over the bar, asked: How much?" I told him what I was willing to pay. "I'll go and get the stage ready," he said. After all, it was only the higher price he had been waiting for.
In five minutes the stage was at the door. It was an ordinary box wagon on good strong springs, having a cotton cover open in front. The horse was a half-starved, jaded-looking beast. I took all this in as I stood on the porch waiting for the driver. Getting impatient at last, I asked:
"Where is the driver?" The landlord, without speaking, pointed to an ill-clad boy standing at the horse's head. I looked closely at him. He might be, I thought fifteen years old, or he might be not more than ten. His eyes were clear blue, and he, haring my question, turned them full upon mine, a frank, boyish smile rebuking the distrust my words implied, and lighting up every feature of his delicate face. His complexion was like that of a girl, his mouth small and tender, his hair yellow, his figure slight and sinuous.
I looked at him, standing there shivering with the cold, out through the driving storm, along the snow-covered mountain road we were to travel together and asked, "Are you not afraid to go:"
The landlord interrupted:
"It don't matter if he is afraid. He belongs to me. He shall go." "No," I said; "he shall not go, if he is not quite willing." "I am not at all afraid," the boy replied, "and I am quite willing to go. I have gone often and often, through worse storms than this."
There was an earnest, manly grace even in the way he shook the gathered flakes from his tattered cap, and in his voice there was such a hearty, cheery ring, that from that moment I trusted and loved the boy.
I jumped into the stage, took the back seat, drew my great frieze coat close about my legs, and we drove off among the gaping, sooty crowd of miners into the lonely mountain road; into the cruelest storm of wind and snow that I ever saw.
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert


Get in the Cloud grants awarded

 The Cloud County board of commissioners approved awarding $129,500 Monday for the Get in the Cloud Small Business Grant program.  Earlier this year, the commissioners established the Get in the Cloud grant program, which is for businesses with 50 or fewer employees.... [More]

Commission approves grants

 Following a discussion of the Get in the Clouds Small Business Grant Application process with Ashley McMillan, CloudCorp executive director, Cloud County board of commissioners Monday approved the slate of projects as recommended.  In other business, Diana Gering,... [More]

Courthouse 7-28-14

District Court CRIMINAL Brian Lyn Quang Ngo appeared July 25 and was found Guilty and convicted of Criminal Trespass and Criminal Damage to Property. For the criminal damage to property offense, he was sentenced to six months in the Cloud County Jail and ordered to pay costs... [More]

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Blues cruise into Class AA state tournament

LINCOLN — Outscoring its opponents in the semifinal game and championship game by a combined 20-1, the Concordia Blues qualified for the Kansas American Legion Baseball Class AA State Tournament. Concordia shut out Lincoln 11-0 in the semifinal game of the Class AA Zone... [More]

CNB drops Ellis, advances to title game

LUCAS — Concordia Citizens National Bank advanced to the championship game of the K-18 Baseball State Tournament by defeating Ellis 5-2 in the semifinals on Sunday. Citizens National Bank will play Norton in the title game Tuesday night. Norton got past Washington County... [More]

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In the mean time

 Last week's rerun of GOD'S WINGS started a series of meditations for me. One of the most difficult was my seeking to answer the question, Would I be willing to lay down my life for another? When the chips were down, would I, like the mother bird, remain steadfast or would... [More]

Voters should be informed

In today’s fast-paced society, we’re often “too busy” to inquire and learn about different political points of view.  Those who vote need to familiarize themselves with the positions of every candidate.  Too often, we simply vote along party... [More]

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