Courthouse 6-27

Warranty Deeds
Darrel G. Coffelt and Alyce L. Coffelt to Lori J. Duvall, east half of lot 14 and all of lot 15 in block 187 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof subject to easements and restrictions of record.
Ben T. Dreesen and Karen M. Dreesen to Ben T. Dreesen, trustee, Karen M. Dreesen, trustee, and Ben T. and Karen M. Dreesen revocable trust, southeast quarter southeast quarter and east half southwest quarter southeast quarter 13-6-2, see record; east half northeast quarter 11-6-2 except a tract, see record.
Floyd V. McGrew and Jone F. McGrew to Corby J. Brown and Tammy A. Brown, south half of lots 1 and 2 in block 140 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof subject to an easement for sewer in favor of the owners of the north half of lots 1 and 2
 and the north half of lots 1 and 2 in block 140 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof.
Julia Grace Elsasser fka Julia G. Rohovit and Mark A. Elsasser to Julie A. Cory, lots 34, 35 and 36 except the north 38 feet of said lots in block 138 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas.
Quit Claim Deeds
Jeffrey Wayne Nelson and Nicole Rae Nelson to Raymond R. Hanson, trustee,  Alice Faye Hanson, trustee, and Raymond R. Hanson family trust, west half northwest quarter 20-5-3 west of the 6th P.M. in Cloud County Kansas; a parcel of land located in the west half northwest quarter 20-5-4 west of the 6th P.M. in Cloud County Kansas, said tract being a portion of government lots 1 and 2 and a portion of Lake Sibley of said section 20; see record.
Loyd E. Rice and Kathleen C. Rice to Floyd V. McGrew and Jone G. McGrew, the north half of lots 1 and 2 in block 140 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kanss according to the recorded plat thereof.

Serving the Writ
"No, marm, 'taint snowin', or rainin' either. Ye see, Mr. Grimp was jest showin' me the water privileges about the place, an tryin' to see how much a rain bar'l would hold," responded the Squire sarcastically, pointing toward th aforesaid barrel.
"Brother Butterfield, will you be so kind as to attend to the business on which we came?" said Mr. Grimp sternly.
"Certainly I will. Here, Widow Barney, is a writ from Mr. Grimp, notifyin' you to give up these 'ere premises. "I will take charge of that," said young Harwood, rather haughtily. "I will call upon you tomorrow, Squire, and settle the matter.  would say, also, Mr. Grimp, that the time for redemption not having expired, the mortgage and costs on this lady's place have been paid in to the County Clerk and you will not be troubled in caring for it further."
After that-will, Mr. Grimp made some indistinct reply, and the Squire very profuse and incoherent apologies; then they took their leave as best they could, feeling very awkward, mortified and humiliated.
They did not go home together, either, nor ever after speak of the evening's experience to each other. However a month later, when Tom Harwood married the widow, the Squire was observed to shake his head mournfully and murmur:
"If it hadn't been for Old Grimp comin' jest as he did that night, things would have been different. Widow Barney never would have married that conceited young Harwood—never!"
 As for Mr. Grimp, his face and his prayers grew longer day by day, and the Sunday following the marriage he spoke feelingly of "this vale of tears," the "vanity of human expectations," and the "uncertainty of earthly things," and when the collection was raised for the poor he sadly gave a torn piece of currency his grocer had refused the day before.—Hearth and Home.
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert


Courthouse 7-25-14

District Court CRIMINAL Ty Bobby Kolterman appeared July 24 and was found Guilty and convicted of Disorderly Conduct. He was ordered to pay a fine of $50 and costs of the action, $158 forthwith. Catherine A. Hand appeared July 24 and was found Guilty and convicted of No Driver's... [More]

For the record 7-25-14

Police Dept. Report Theft—Short Stop reported on July 24 a Theft of Fuel that occurred in the 1900 block of Lincoln. Investigation continues.

For the record 7-24-14

Police Dept. Report Theft—Ethan Cory, Concordia, reported a Theft at 7:45 p.m., July 23. Theft occurred in the 500 block of East 7th. Investigation continues. Accident—Officers investigated an accident at 9:50 p.m., July 22, in the 80th block of Lincoln, involving... [More]

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Blues bounce Beloit 14-4 in zone tournament

LINCOLN — The Concordia Blues rolled past Beloit 14-4 in the opening round of the American Legion Baseball Class AA Zone 3 Tournament Thursday night. Concordia (24-5) will play Lincoln in the second round at 3 p.m. today. Lincoln (8-11) defeated Smith Center (14-11) in... [More]

CNB avenges lone loss, wins East Regional

OSBORNE — Avenging its only loss of the season, Citizens National Bank thumped Washington County 9-1 in the championship game of the K-18 Baseball East Regional on Saturday night. Washington County had beaten Citizens National Bank in the title game of the league tournament... [More]

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Voters should be informed

In today’s fast-paced society, we’re often “too busy” to inquire and learn about different political points of view.  Those who vote need to familiarize themselves with the positions of every candidate.  Too often, we simply vote along party... [More]

In the mean time

 Last week's rerun of GOD'S WINGS started a series of meditations for me. One of the most difficult was my seeking to answer the question, Would I be willing to lay down my life for another? When the chips were down, would I, like the mother bird, remain steadfast or would... [More]

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