Courthouse 7-8-13

Warranty Deeds:
Joel W. Parker and Shannon D. Parker, fka Shannon D. Stohs to Tera R. Annon, the east half of lot 9 and all of lot 10 in block 56 in the city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof.
Troy E. Johnson and Jeni Johnson to Joel W. Parker and Shannon D. Parker, lot 2 in block 2 in Craig's addition in the city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof.
Kyle Lee Blackwood and Tessa Blackwood to Dustin Schultz and Candace Schultz, a tract of land in the southwest half southwest quarter 28-8-1, see record.
Terry Geist and Vickie E. Geist to Terry Tate, the west half of lot 3 and the east 455' of lot 4 in block 7 original city of Miltonvale Cloud County Kansas.
Maxine Geist to Terry Tate, the west half of lot 3 and the east 45' of lot 4 in block 7 original city of Miltonvale Cloud County Kansas.
Quit Claim Deed:
Samantha E. Goff Nondorf to Charles W. Nondorf, the west 2 feet of the south half of lot 7 and the south half of lots 8 and 9 in block 80 in the city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas.

The Heroine Of The Curfew
It lacked but half an hour of curfew toll. The old bell-ringer came from under the wattled roof of his cottage stoop, and stood with uncovered head in the clear, sweet-scented air. He had grown blind and deaf in the service, but his old arm was as muscular as ever; and he who listened this day marked no faltering in the heavy, metallic throbs of the cathedral bell. Old Jasper had lived through many charges. He had tolled out his notes of mourning for Good Queen Bess; and with tears scarcely dry he had rung the glad tidings of the coronation of James.
Charles the First had been crowned, reigned, and expiated his weaknesses before all England in Jasper's time; and now he who under his army held all the Commonwealth in the hollow of his hand ruled as more than monarch, and still the old man with the habit of a long life upon him, rang his matin and curfew.
Jasper stood alone now, lifting his dimmed eyes up to the softly dappled sky, gathering but a faint sense of the lovely scene or of the incense-freighted air.
The walls of his memory seemed so written over—so crossed and re-crossed by the annals of the years that had gone before, that there seemed little room for anything in the present. Little recked he that Cromwell's spears-men were camped on the moor beyond the village—that Cromwell himself rode with his guardsmen but a league away; he only knew that the hell that had been hung in the tower when William the conqueror made curfew a law, had been spared by Puritan Roundhead, and that is arm for sixty years had never failed him at eventide.
He was moving with slow step toward the gate, when a woman came hurriedly in from the street an stood beside him; a lovely woman, but with face so blanched that it seemed carved in the whitest of marble with all of its roundness and dimples. Her great solemn eyes were raised to the aged face in pitiful appeal, and the lips were forming words that he could not understand. "Speak up, lass. I am deaf, and can not hear your clatter."
The voice raised, and the hands clasped and unclasped, and wrung themselves together, palm to palm. "For Heaven's sake, good Jasper, do not ring curfew tonight." "What, na ring curfew! Ye must be daft, lassie." "Jasper, for sweet Heaven's sake, for my sake, for one night in all your long life forget to ring the bell! Fail this once and my lover shall live, who Cromwell says shall die at curfew toll.
Do you hear?—my lover, brave Richard Temple. See, Jasper, here is money to make your old age happy. I sold my jewels that the Lady Maud gave me; and the gold shall all be yours for one curfew."
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert


Sutton's love of theatre planted and grew at CCCC


By Sharon Coy Blade Staff Writer  When Susan Sutton, Cloud County Community College Dean of Humanities, was a student at CCCC a seed for her love of the theatre was planted.  Although she had never taken part in plays in high school and her only drama experience had... [More]

Susan Sutton Day is Friday

 Whereas, Cloud County Community College, The Brown Grand Theatre, the National Orphan Train Complex and many other organizations and causes have benefited immeasurably from the dedication and skill of Susan Sutton; and Whereas, Susan Sutton has for 39 years enlivened the... [More]

Railroad will be repairing crossings

 Cloud County highway administrator Andy Asch reported at the Cloud County Commission meeting on Monday that Burlington Railroad will be repairing crossings and as repairs are being made  various county roads will be closed. Railroad employees are now working at Lark... [More]

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Panthers lose twice to Cowgirls

ABILENE – The Concordia High School softball team was swept in an NCKL doubleheader here yesterday. The Panthers managed just five hits and scored none in the 4-0 and 2-0 losses. Abilene took the lead in game one with a run in the second inning. The Cowgirls added one in... [More]

Canfield ties for fourth

CLAY CENTER – Concordia's Gage Canfield shot 48 and tied for fourth at the junior varsity golf meet here yesterday. The Panthers had two other golfers competing in the tournament, Jonas Sallman and Jager Sieben. Both shot 58 in the nine hole event. Matt Roudybush of Wamego... [More]

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Letter to the Editor 4-18-14

Dear Editor,   Questions that need answers? 1. Why should we sign up for the Special Civility Pledge? 2. Isn't the “Bill of Rights” still acceptable?        3. Aren't the Ten Commandments still taught? 4. What happened to the... [More]

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