Published in the Iola Register on Dec. 17, 2012.

Camp Concordia adds fire truck

A fire truck like the ones used during World War II has been added to the POW Camp Concordia display.
The 1942  1 1/2 ton Chevrolet was delivered to Concordia on a flatbed truck on Friday.
Originally used by the Corps of Engineers, the truck was sent to West Virginia in 1943 and converted into a firetruck.
At some point, the truck was sent to the forestry service in Colorado. It was sold to a private individual in Colorado, and purchased by Paul Rimovsky two weeks ago for the POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society.
Members of the POW Camp Concordia Preservation Society will work to restore the truck. It will be on display in the warehouse building T9 at the camp for visitors to see, and will also be used in parades.
Because the truck has been used, for the most part, as a fire truck, it has only 8,384 miles on it.