Published in the Iola Register on Jan. 8, 2013.

CCHC finalizes plans for new $29,800,000 hospital

 Saying "Let's make it happen," Cloud County Health Center has finalized its plans for a new $29,800,000 hospital at 2301 Lincoln, on the east side of Highway 81, that would offer Cloud County residents more modern facilities and expanded services, while providing easier access for patients, their families and physicians.
 "Our current facility has served us well, but medicine has changed dramatically in the six decades since it was built," said Dr. Monte Wentz, chairman of the CCHC board.
 "We hired an independent organization to conduct research with area residents to see what we should do, and they spoke loud and clear. They said that while they liked the service they get at the hospital today, they wanted a hospital building that was really designed to deliver today's medicine to area residents, and one that can be the kind of place that attracts and retains a staff of physicians in diverse specialties, right here in Cloud County. The plan for the new hospital does just that.
 "That plan calls for a one-story, 70,000 square foot facility with up to 25 inpatient beds, a number that is more in keeping with today's balance of inpatient and outpatient care needs," Wentz said.
Outpatient facilities will be close together (and close to the front door) offering easier access for patients and staff, and inpatient rooms will be private, with private bathrooms and showers. The entire facility will have easy access to the airport and to main roads, saving minutes when minutes count, he said.
As the funding plan develops, more information about the new hospital will become available.
Serving on the CCHC campaign leadership team along with Wentz are co-chairmen Jim Koch, Darrel Hosie and Sister Beth Stover.