Published in the Iola Register on Jul. 8, 2013.

Concordia Chevrolet/Buick undergoing a facelift

    Charlie Bowers has been altering the automobile business in Concordia for most of his life and is continuing to do so my remodeling his new dealership.
    Bowers  started his career in the car business as a teenager by working at an auto parts store in Abilene, Kansas. After graduating from Cloud County Community College, he began working at the Ford dealership in Concordia.
    In 1988, Bowers and wife, Elaine, decided to open Concordia Auto Mart, which focused on selling and servicing used cars.
    In 2010, Bowers purchased Concordia Chevrolet Buick. "When I heard the dealership was for sale, I called Ray Houser because it was an opportunity right here in Concordia and I couldn't pass it up," says Bowers. "I have always been interested in the new car business."
    Since buying the dealership, Bowers has been making a lot of significant changes, starting with a remodel. General Motors offers a program that helps their dealers remodel their showrooms, exterior entryways and reception areas.
    "The remodel wasn't mandatory, but I wanted to do it," says Bowers. "General Motor's goal is to have a lot of consistency in their dealerships so that they can enhance the buying experience and the customer service. Having  a nice facility that meets General Motor's standards was important to me."
    It is, however, hard to run a business during a remodel and Bowers has a lot of help.
    "Two of my sons are working with me. My oldest son, Charles, manages the Concordia Auto Mart service center and my son Brice has recently rejoined us in sales. I also have the help of our sales manager, Bryan Sorenson and our finance manager, Kaleb Brzon."
    Even though the remodel is very expensive and time consuming, Bowers believes that it will pay off in the long run.
    "It will help us promote the products we sell and provide a nice, modern place for people to do business. My main goal is to be the best General Motors dealer in north central Kansas."