Published in the Iola Register on Jan. 28, 2013.

ConKids compete in three tournaments

The Concordia Kids Wrestling Club had wrestlers competing in three separate tournaments over the weekend.
Concordia had 17 wrestlers place in the top four at the Ottawa County Novice Tournament.
First-place finishers include:
Trenton McMillan, 46 pounds, 6-and-under; Jaxon Brooks, 49 pounds, 8-and-under; Kadryn McManus, 52 pounds, 8-and-under; Phoenix Vansant, 76 pounds, 10-and-under; Layton Kindel, 79 pounds, 10-and-under; and Peyton Burross, 90 pounds, 10-and-under.
Second-place finishers include:
Kale Schroeder, 40 pounds, 6-and-under; Torxsten Kindel, 52 pounds, 8-and-under; and Thomas Genereux, 61 pounds, 8-and-under.
Third-place finishers include:
Jagger Johnson, 55 pounds, 6-and-under; Justus Trost, 70 pounds, 6-and-under; Marty Smith, 55 pounds, 8-and-under; Taskin Kindel, 82 pounds, 10-and-under; and Aaron Thorton, 100 pounds, 10-and-under.
Rush LeDuc, 40 pounds, 6-and-under; Ethan Sterling, 58 pounds, 8-and-under; and Xavier Hebert, 100 pounds, 10-and-under, placed fourth.
Seven wrestlers place in the top five in the Salina Tournament of Champions.
Hunter Schroeder, 82 pounds, 10-and-under; Wyatt Trost, 90 pounds, 10-and-under; and Zachary Strait, 88 pounds, 12-and-under, placed third.
Tristen Cuellar, 58 pounds, 6-and-under; Eyann Zimmerman, 150 pounds, 10-and-under; and Brent Beaumont, 165 pounds, 14-and-under, finished fourth.
Keyan Miller, 76 pounds, 8-and-under, placed fifth.
The wrestling club had seven place in the top four in the Wamego Junior Raider Tournament.
Drew Brown, 73 pounds, 8-and-under, captured first place.
Andrew Mikesell, 80 pounds, 8-and-under, finished second.
Dustin Sterrett, 49 pounds, 8-and-under,
Ian Ketterman, 88 pounds, 8-and-under, finished third.
Chris LaPolice, 40 pounds, 6-and-under; Drew Sterrett, 46 pounds, 6-and-under; and Cade Anderson, 76 pounds, 10-and-under, placed fourth.