Published in the Iola Register on Feb. 11, 2013.

ConKIds wrestle in Clay Center

CLAY CENTER — The Concordia Kids Wrestling Club had 21 wrestlers place in the top five at the Clay Center Tournament on Saturday.
Concordia wrestlers placing first include:
Trenton McMillan, 46 pounds, 6-and-under; Tristan Cuellar, 58 pounds, 6-and-under; Koby Koch, 52 pounds, 8-and-under; Hunter Schroeder, 82 pounds, 10-and-under; and Wyatt Trost, 95 pounds, 10-and-under.
Second-place finishers include:
Levi Mehl, 58 pounds, 8-and-under; Jayden Christianson, 64 pounds, 8-and-under; and Caden Womack, 82 pounds, 10-and-under.
Third-place finishers include:
Chris LaPolice, 40 pounds, 6-and-under; Drew Sterrett, 46 pounds, 6-and-under; Justus Trost, 70 pounds, 6-and-under; Braxtin Mason, 64 pounds, 8-and-under; Phoenix Vansant, 76 pounds, 10-and-under; and Carson McMillan, 80 pounds, 12-and-under.
Fourth-place finishers include:
Jaxon Brooks, 49 pounds, 8-and-under; Kameron Knox, 67 pounds, 8-and-under; Andrew Mikesell, 80 pounds, 8-and-under; Ian Ketterman, 88 pounds, 8-and-under; Layton Kindel, 82 pounds, 10-and-under; and Oakley Champlin, 105 pounds, 12-and-under.
Drew Brown, 73 pounds, 8-and-under, placed fifth.
The Concordia club had eight wrestlers place in the top four at the Newton Tournament.
Keyan Miller, 76 pounds, 8-and-under, and Blake Leiszler, 80 pounds, 12-and-under, placed first.
Second-place finishers include:
Easton Swihart, 49 pounds, 6-and-under; Tracer Workman, 125 pounds, 14-and-under; and Brent Beaumont, 165 pounds, 14-and-under.
Carter Eakins, 46 pounds, 6-and-under, and Tryston Jochems, 115 pounds, 12-and-under, placed third.
Warric Eakins, 37 pounds, 6-and-under, placed fourth.