Published in the Iola Register on Jan. 24, 2013.

Courthouse 1-24-13

District Court
Bank of America seeks a judgment of $30,979.93 plus interest and costs from Denise S. Cooper, Glasco.

Credit Management Services Inc. received a judgment of $1,130.77 plus interest and costs from Brandon Wilkerson, Concordia.
Capital One Bank (USA) NA seeks a judgment of $15,200.33 plus interest and costs from Patricia Jo Senner aka Pat Senner, Concordia.

Ashley Weber received a judgment of $3,500 plus $81.50 costs and 12 percent per annum interest from Samantha and Harold McNeely, Concordia.

Thomas S. Colgate IV appeared Jan. 17 and was convicted of Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence of an Intoxicant, Second Offense. He was sentenced to 12 months in the Cloud County Jail and ordered to pay costs of the action, $98, a fine of $1,000, a $250 Community Corrections Supervision Fund (DUI fine), an alcohol/drug testing fee of $40, a probation supervision fee of $60, a community service work insurance fee of $8.50, attorney fees of $100 and all  other assessed fees. His sentence was suspended with the exception of a five-day term with Defendant being placed on supervised probation with Court Services for 12 months with specific terms and conditions. Defendant may perform approved community service work to offset the costs of this action at the rate of $6 per hour.
Tryaun K. R. Ayers appeared Jan. 18 and was found Guilty and convicted of Unlawful Possession or Consumption of a Cereal Malt Beverage by a Minor. He was sentenced to the custody of the Cloud County Jail for 30 days with credit for time served and ordered to pay a fine of $200, and costs of the action, $98 by Feb. 27. His sentence shall be suspended upon full payment of all costs and fine. The Court directed the Division of Motor Vehicles to suspend Defendant's driving privileges pursuant to statute.

All Subtypes Jan. 16-22
The following people received fines for Speeding: Baldemar Arambul, David C. Borgerding, David R. Branscum, Christopher C. Clausen, Bret L. Colson, Brett A. Creager, Danielle R. Demanett, Richard L. Dopps  II, Jeffrey L. Duncan, Sherry J. Hess, Anisha Kolasani, Dillon M. Olson, Lynnea A. Smith, Stephanie M. Turner, $143; Angela M. Crawford, $185;  Jose M. Cruz-Nolasco, $149; Thuy H. Nguyen, $179; Patricio R. Ordonez, $521, deferred adjudication; Marlow A. Santana, $203, James M. Taylor, $149.
Receiving fines of $10 each for Failure to Wear Seatbelt were: Cerrina M. Aldrich, Nicole R. Gieber, Mark Anthony Newton, and Michael D. Robinson.
Receiving fines for other violations were: Tryaun K.R. Ayers, purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor, $298; Brandi N. Jones, purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor, $360; Jase C. Merry, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, first conviction, $888, deferred adjudication.

Warranty Deeds:
Phillip N. Pfizenmaier and Brenda A. Pfizenmaier to Phillip N. and Brenda A. Pfizenmaier family trust, Section14, Township 8, Range 2 East half Northwest Quarter.
Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel L. Haist, south 110 feet of lot 4 in block 7 Gaylord and Matthews Addition to the City of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas.
James L. Lervold and Lois L. Lervold to Alexis Corporation, lots 5-12 in block 150 in the City of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas.
David W. Doering and Rhonda J. Doering to Jase C. Merry, Section 34, Township 8, Range 4, NE Qtr of the NE Qtr.,  beginning at a point 864 feet West of the Northeast Corner. See record.
Corrective Deed:
Phyllis M. Wilkey and John S. Wilkey to Justin R. Wilkey, Section 17,  Township 6, Range 5, all of the Southwest Quarter.
Quit Claim Deed:
Lawrence D. Koch, Loretta F. Koch to Larry M. Koch and Kristi A. Koch, Section 27,  Township 5, Range  1 East half Northwest Quarter; Section 27 Township 5, Range 1, Government Lots 3 and 4. See record.

In a Tunnel
"Twenty minutes," replied the brakeman, surely incited by the Evil One. Where, oh, where will that brakeman go when he dies? Was his conscience deadened as well as his outer ear by the kin of his life; or did he view with indifference the possibility of any future state being worse than the pandemonium of his present existence? Our traveler was immediately beset by a crowd of clamorous hackmen desirous of driving her out of her wits, if not to the end of the earth. Escaping this snare, she fell into another of babies and dusty parents.
How many tender innocents she upset in her haste, thus increasing the general  uproar, Ruth, although naturally humane, never knew.
 Everywhere a hopeless blockade of baggage, trunks, and struggling humanity—everywhere insane panic of hurry in the fear of being left behind. The bewildered woman could not approach within ear-shot of the perspiring ticket-master, whose suffused face glared vengefully through his pigeon-hole as he snapped short the incoherent questions of distracted passengers. If she could only ascertain where the old lady had gone.
 "Which is the Locust Valley train?" she asked of a baggage-man who was pausing to take breath after lifting a Saratoga trunk of huge dimensions. The baggage-man, with agonizing deliberation, rested his great hands on his hips, thrust a quid of tobacco into his cheek, stared at his interlocutor, and said:  "Hey?"
 Miss Ruth repeated her question with the energy of despair.
"Where do you want to go?" inquired the baggage-man, warily. Then it became a painfully evident fact that where Miss Mayhew wanted to go and where she was going were too widely sundered matters, for she beheld her train in motion. To rush toward it, to signal blindly—as if the insensate monster would stop!—to be held back from jumping on the board in a gentlemanly fashion, and then to be left gazing blankly into space—that was her experience. A voice came back on the wind: I will keep your things for you."
To inveigh bitterly against the deceitfulness of brakemen was an impulse which our unfortunate lady checked with true dignity of character. "I will find the old lady at all events," she decided, "even though she should prove the proverbial lady in that haystack of a depot."
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert