Published in the Iola Register on Nov. 29, 2013.

Courthouse 11-29-13

District Court
All Subtypes
Nov. 20-26
The following people received fines for speeding: Reid M. Back, Jordyn M. Eastman, Erin E. Fisher, Chelsey L. Foulk, Mary E. Graf, Norma Gutierrez, Kandance M. Kingston, Christina M. Sedlacek, Autumn Seifert, Jared W. Streeter, $141; Carlos Bolanos, $165; Morgan A. Flores, Calvin L. Wheeler Jr., $159; Amy R. Lynch, $189.
Receiving fines for failure to wear seat belt were: Raeanne M. Emmel, Michael G. Mohler Jr., Huey Ly On, $10; James L. Woodyard, $91.
Receiving fines for other violations were: Madison H. Davis, purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor, $336; Raeanne M. Emmel, child passenger safety, restraining systems and seat belts, $156; Nathan Gilbert, license to be carried and exhibited upon demand, $146; Stephanie A. Knoll, driving under the influence, first conviction, $779; Carl M. Miller, operating motor vehicle without a valid license, $196; Christina M. Noah, driving while license canceled/suspended/revoked, $198; William Donald Shelton, transporting open container, $196; Triston Cade Stepter, purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor, $296.

Warranty Deeds:
Carolyn D. Cashman fka Carolyn D. Nevins to Jazmine Ukens, the south half of lots 8 and 9 in block 103 in the city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas subject to waterway along the east side of lot 8 and any easements and restrictions of record.
Kansas Department of Transportation to City of Concordia, a tract of land in the northwest quarter of 9-6-3, commencing at the northeast corner of said quarter section containing 3.25 acres more or less, see record.
Ray Crowninshield and Alisa Crowninshield to Nathan Hyde, west half northwest quarter 16-8-3 except tracts. See record.
Hi-Nine Corporation to Henning Farm and Cattle Inc., southwest quarter of 34-6-5 west of the 6th P.M. Cloud County Kansas described as follows. See record.

By H.E. Smith
An Old Man's Story
I being a good skater and fond of the sport, promised to be there. So, leaving me a card of invitation, also one for Jasper and Myrtella, he passed on his way.
My sober reason having in a measure returned, I went back to the homestead, resolving to invent or await some means of revenge. I assumed a gaiety that I was far from feeling, as I handed the cards of invitation to my brother and cousin.
The latter exclaimed with delight, "Oh, I am so gad! I dearly love skating, and we'll be sure to be there." So it was decided that we would add ourselves yes to the number on the morrow; and, after a night of confused and horrid dreams, I joined my brother and cousin on the way to the scene of our anticipated sport.
We were soon upon the broad, smooth surface of the Hudson River. A race was proposed between Jasper and James Burnham, who were reputed to be the best skaters on the ground; the distance to be three miles; the winning post to be a point of rocks a short distance above Morton Homestead; the prize to be a pair of silver-mounted skates. The judges were to be the three ladies, of whom my cousin Myrtella was one.
The preliminaries being settled, away flew the skaters, myself included, followed as fast as we could go, to note the race; but after the half-way point was passed nearly all had been distanced except myself and three or four others. The contestants had up to this, kept well together, neither seeming to have advantage over the other; but now Jasper was perceptibly falling to the rear. When two-thirds of the distance had been accomplished, there was a sharp bend, or curve, in the river, and, in order to gain on his opponent, Jasper took the inside of the curve, near the bank, and was straining every nerve in the race, when, with a cry of horror that I shall remember to my dying day, he disappeared from sight! He had skated into an air-hole in the ice.
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert