Published in the Iola Register on Feb. 10, 2014.

Courthouse 2-10-14

District Court
Juan Carlos Nunez appeared Feb. 7 and was found Guilty and convicted of Domestic Battery. He was sentenced to six months in the Cloud County Jail and ordered to pay a fine of $200 and costs of the action, $158. Defendant was given credit for time served. Pursuant to State vs. Robinson, attorney fees were waived.

Warranty Deeds:
Bruce R. Brown and Irene F. Brown to Irene F. Brown revocable inter vivos trust and Irene F. Brown, trustee, undivided half interest in lots 32 and 33 in block 147 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas; undivided half interest in lots 25, 26 and 27  in block 2 Lost Creek Hills, an addition to the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas.
Hi-Nine Corporation to Bergen Farms LLC, southeast quarter north 33-6-5 except 1 acre used for school purposes situated on the southeast corner of said southeast quarter.
Larry D. Brundridge and Teresa L. Brundridge to John Peckham and Jennifer Peckham, the northeast quarter except County highway of section 22-7-4 west of the 6th P.M. in Cloud County Kansas also excluding a homestead in the northeast corner. See record.
Bruce R. Brown and Irene F. Brown to Irene F. Brown revocable vivos trust and Irene F. Brown, trustee, lot 24 block 2 Lost Creek Hills an addition to the city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas; lot 31 block 147 in the city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas; lot 10 and the west half of lot 11 all in block 27 city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas.
Quit Claim Deeds:
LKC, LP and Loretta Townsend, general partner to S.O.T #3 LP, tract beginning 25' east of northwest corner of southwest quarter; then east 1129.83', southwesterly 1625.31', west 975.62'; north 1615.67' to Point Of Beginning in 16-7-2; 39.09 Acres.
Lori M. Adam to George R. Greenwood, north half of lot 4 and the east half of the north half of lot 5 all in block 6 in Gaylord and Matthews addition to the city of Concordia excepting the south 7" therefrom.
Trustee's Deeds:
Carole Lagasse, co-trustee, Marcia Lanoue, co-trustee and Francis L. Odette trust No. 1 grantor to Nolan R. Buckley and Patricia D. Buckley, the northwest quarter  24-8-2; except a tract, see record.
Josephine R. Appleby revocable trust and Jeanne P. Gilstrap, trustee, to Frederick S. Appleby, trustee and Jody A. LaPolice, north half of lot 18 in H.E. Gardener's addition to the city of Clyde, Cloud County Kansas; see record.
Sheriff's Deed:
Brian K. Marks, Sheriff of Cloud County, Bryan S. Deal and Pamela A. Deal to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C., lots 1 and 2 in block 98 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas.

By H.E. Smith
The Adventures of Marquette
Nearly three hundred and fifty years ago, in April, 1541, De Soto, in his adventurous march, discovered the majestic Mississippi, not far from the southern border of the State of Tennessee.
No white man's eye had ever before beheld that flood, whose banks are now inhabited by busy millions. The Indians informed him  that all the region below consisted of dismal, endless, uninhabitable swamps. De Soto, world-weary and woe-stricken, died upon the banks of the river, and in its fathomless depths his body found burial.
These cruel adventurers, insanely impelled in search of mines of gold, founded no settlements, and left behind them no traces of their passage, save that by their cruelties they had excited the implacable ire of the Indians against the white man. A hundred years of earth's many griefs lingered slowly away, while these vast solitudes were peopled only by wandering Indian tribes whose record must forever remain unknown.
In the year 1641, some French envoys from Canada, seeking to open friendly trade with the Indians for the purchase of furs, penetrated the northwest of our country as far as the Falls of St. Mary, near the outlet of Lake Superior. The most friendly relations existed between these Frenchmen and the Indians, wherever the tribes were encountered. This visit led them to no settlement. The adventurous traders purchased many furs, with which they loaded their birch canoes; established friendly relations with these distant Indians, and greatly extended the region from which furs were brought to their trading posts in Canada.
 Twenty more years passed away, over the silent and gloomy wilderness when, in 1659, a little band of these bold and hardy explorers, in their frail canoes, with Indian guides, paddled along the lonely, forest-fringed shores of Lake Ontario, ascended the Niagara River to the falls, carried their canoes on their shoulders around the rapids, launched them again on Lake Erie, traversed that inland sea over two hundred and fifty miles, entered the magnificent strait, passed through it to Lake St. Clair, crossed that lake, ascended the St. Clair River to Lake Huron, and traversing its whole length, a distance of three hundred miles, reached the Falls of St. Mary.
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert

All Subtypes
From Jan. 29-Feb. 4
The following people received fines for Speeding: Raymond L. Bowman, Daniel D. Davis, Teresa S. Ferguson, Matthew J. Goodwin, Farrell L. Hanna, Tracy D. Leday, Ed A. Sabata, Cameron M. Tross, 141; Tracey A. Darnell, $147; Marleon D. Farley, $171; Brandon Hill, $359; Jillian P. Truesdell, $228; Phillip J. Webber, $183; Dennis J. Wychulis, $165.
The following people received fines for other violations: Lynn Anderson, failure to yield at stop or yield sign, $171; Lance L. Lagasse, Brian W. Strait, failure to wear seat belt, $10.