Published in the Iola Register on Aug. 2, 2013.

Courthouse 8-2-13

District Court
State of Kansas, Cloud County seeks forfeiture of 2002 GMC Sierra, VIN: 1GTEK19T12E240120 (owner, Alexander Evan Wolfert Bye, Ft. Collins, Colo.)

The case of Credit Management Services Inc. vs. Brendon Wayne Thiessen, Concordia, has been dismissed without prejudice.
The case of Credit Management Services Inc. vs Patricia A. Hagar, Wichita, has been dismissed without prejudice.
The case of Credit Management Services Inc. vs. Kevin C. Collins, Concordia, has been dismissed without prejudice.
Central National Bank received a judgment of $564.07 plus costs of $76 and interest from Wyatt Phillip Stimatze, Concordia.
John L. Fischer, DDS seeks a judgment of $578.14 plus interest and costs from Carolyn S. Tomlin, Jamestown.
Credit Management Services Inc. seeks a judgment of $4,438.51 plus interest and costs from Jason Alan Smith et al, Glasco.
Central National Bank seeks a judgment of $1,197.14 plus interest and costs from Krista K. Barnes et al, Jamestown.

All Subtypes
July 24-30
The following people received fines for Speeding: Gregory A. Box, Andrew Faurot, Brandon Feldcamp, Jace M. Fredenburg, Brentt Adam Gardner, Nu He, Taylor D. Laughlin, Jose L. Rivas, David E. Sell, John W. Walker Jr., Nicholas White, $141; Joshua B. Butler, $171; Joseph M. Devine, Dagan Mishoulam, Margarita Robles-Flores, $143; Rafael Antonio Eulgoio, $153; Adrian L. Flores, $210; Kimbery A. Lockwood, $201; Ethan D. Moravek, $165; Rebecca F. Nitzel, $189; Michael D. Reynolds, $161; Victor J. Vazquez, $228; Kristi L. Wall, $183; Christian Ivan Walz, $148;  Bal Krishan Sharma, $212.
Receiving $10 fines for failure to wear seat belts were: Brentt Adam Gardner, John W. Walker Jr.,
Suzette L. Wharton, Santana L. Whitmer.
Receiving fines for other violations were: Dawson Z. Dittmer, transporting an open container, $538, deferred adjudication; James Klein, driving under the influence, second conviction (DUI Only) deferred adjudication, $888; Connor M. McDaniel, purchase/consumption alcoholic liquor/CMB by minor, $320, deferred adjudication; Nicholas J. McDuffee, $398, deferred adjudiction; Angela Van Allen, driving while canceled/suspended/revoked, first conviction, $96; Kristi L. Wall, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, $195; Christian Ivan Walz, operating motor vehicle without a valid license, $148; Gregory J. Wedel, overweight limits on wheels and axles, $150.

Angela Van Allen appeared July 25 and was found Guilty and convicted of No Driver's License on Person. She was ordered to pay costs of the action, $96 by July 31.

Trustee's Deeds:
Robert L. Butler, trustee, George A. Butler, trustee, and Robert L. Butler trust to Craig A. McClellan and Janice E. McClellan, west half southwest quarter 29-8-4 Cloud County Kansas.
Doris A. Bergstrom trustee to Ronald L. Bergstrom, lots 17 and 18 in block 38 in the city of Concordia Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof.
Warranty Deeds:
Brian A. Cramer and Bonnie J. Cramer to Eugene A. Sicard and Terri M. Sicard, all of lots 8 and 9 and all that part of lot 7 lying west of a line west of a line beg. 18.6' west of southeast corner of block 152 City of  Concordia Cloud County Kansas.
City of Jamestown to Billy J. Michel and Mary M. Michel, lots 12, 13 and he west 10' of lot 14 in O.P. Gould's addition to the city of Jamestown Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof (sometimes designated as being in block one (1)
Dustin Stull and Jennifer Stull to Patrick H. Letourneau and Stacy R. Letourneau, the northeast quarter of 13-7-4 west of the 6th P.M. Cloud County Kansas except a tract. See record.
Quit Claim Deeds
Mary M. Michel and Billy J. Michel to City of Jamestown, all of lot 9 in block 8 in the city of Jamestown, Cloud County Kansas.
Federal National Mortgage Association to Suntrust Mortgage Inc., the north 64' of lots 23 and 24 in block 84 in the city of Concordia, Cloud County Kansas according to the recorded plat thereof.
Jeanenne Cullop fka Jeanenne Sorensen and Jeffrey W. Cullop to Steven G. Sorensen, the west half of the southwest quarter of section 8 township 6 south range 3 west of the 6th P.M. Cloud County Kansas except the east 5 rods.
Steven G. Sorensen and Carol L. Sorensen to Bryan G. Sorensen and Arin M. Sorensen, west half southwest quarter 8-6-3 Cloud County Kansas, except the east 5 rods, see record.
Claude Travis, Susan L. Travis, David Murray and Nancy Murray to James A. Gill, lots 1, 2 and 3 in block 19 in Chaput's first addition to the city of Aurora, Cloud County Kansas.
Transfer on Death Deed:
Barbara D. Contreras aka Barbara Contreras to Christina M. Contreras, lot 7 in  block 54 in west addition to the city of Miltonvale, Cloud County Kansas and part of lots 8 and 9 in block 54 in west addition to the city of Miltonvale, Cloud County Kansas described by metes and bounds, see record.

The Lost Wager
The trunks were all packed and corded, and the carpet-bags were piled up in the corner of the capacious, old-fashioned hall.
How melancholy they looked, those emblems of parting and adieux. Not even the merry laughter of the two or three young girls, who were gathered around a stalwart, handsome fellow of about twenty-five, could entirely banish an impalpable something of sadness from the scene. Cousin Jack was going away, the general mischief maker, torment and tease of the whole family, and Mr. Chester, sitting by the distant window, wiped his spectacles every five minutes, and declared, pettishly, that the type of the evening paper was a terrible trial to old eyes.
"Aye, you may laugh, girls," said Jack, applying himself vigorously to the refractory lock of a portmanteau. "Perhaps you may one day discover that isn't such a laughing matter. Think of the loss the family is going to sustain in my excellency."
"But you'll come back soon, Jack dear," coaxed Minnie Chester, the prettiest and most roguish of all cousins, and the one who kept up a perfect fire of practical jokes and girlish tricks at his expense.
There she sat, on the biggest trunk of collection, her brown curls hanging about her round face, and her eyes sparkling with a curious mixture of fun and tears.
"I'm not at all certain of that, Miss Minnie," said Jack, decisively. "If I succeed in finding a location to suit me, I shall probably decide to settle permanently at Thornville and turn landed proprietor on my own account."
"Only imagine our Jack a gentleman of property!" laughed Minnie, appealing to her sisters. "I don't see anything so very ridiculous in the idea," remarked the young man, rather piqued at the amusement of his relatives. "At all events, there's one incalculable advantage that will result from my departure."
"And what is that, Mr. Oracle?" "That fact that you've played your last freak on me, you tormenting little minx!" "Don't be so certain of that, Cousin Jack!" said Minnie, shaking her long curls. "What will you venture I don't bestow a parting trick on you yet? Ah! I haven't settled with you for several little pieces of impertinence; but pray don't imagine they are forgotten, sir!'
Register of Deeds
Judy Lambert