Published in the Iola Register on Jun. 11, 2013.

Department heads meet with commission

Cloud County board of commissioners Monday conducted its monthly department head meeting with the following county officials giving reports:
DISTRICT COURT CLERK LeaDawn Throckmorton discussed the State budget cuts and how it will affect their funding and budget, explained how Magistrate Judges positions are filled and said there is a vacancy in Republic County because of the death of John Eyer.
EXTENSION agent Pat Gerhardt, reported her office is preparing for the Cloud County Fair which will be July 23-27, that extension office personnel will be attending training concerning the Affordable Health Care Act and that babysitting clinics will be conducted in Belleville and Clay Center.
HIGHWAY administrator and weed department supervisor Andy Asch reported chemicals are being sold to landowners.
MAINTENANCE manager Troy Shepard reported his department is mowing and doing yardwork and other routine maintenance projects.
SOLID WASTE director Justin Murdock reported his department is working on the 120 day cover at the construction/demolition site and should have it completed this week.
IT director Jerry Collins reported that CIC will  be doing software updates on Monday and Tuesday and AT&T will be upgrading the DSL for the Courthouse in the near future.
HEALTH administrator Diana Gering reported that because of new State requirements, the Health Department will be providing QuantiFERON TB Gold tests for the college athletes begining July 1.
SHERIFF Brian Marks discussed the new Law Enforcement Center and reported that Nicholas Patterson has been appointed as the new undersheriff.
COUNTY CLERK Linda Bogart reported CIC personnel will be here next week to help them with their July checklist and abstract, since this is their first year using their software.
During regular session, the board approved two classifications changes. Kyle Bogart was moved from part-time custodian to full-time custodian effective June 10 at $10 per hour and Nicholas Patterson was moved from road officer to undersheriff effective June 3 at a rate of $17.39 per hour.
Gering reported that she and Vonda Pumarlo met with Sheriff Marks, Concordia city manager Larry Uri and Concordia fire chief Eric Voss about using the former ALCO building as a point of dispensing during an emergency.
 Barry Porter, county appraiser, presented a draft of the Resolution for the Appointment of the County Appraiser. He will return July 1 with the final resolution and interlocal agreement with Republic County for board signature.
NCK CASA director Carol Miller presented CASA's 2014 budget appropriation request in the amount of $14,000 which is an increase of $1,000 over the amount requested in 2013. The board will consider the request when preparing the county budget.

In other matters the board
•approved department payrolls totaling $135,750.84.
•approved Notice of Road Vacation for the road beginning 1/4 mile South of the Northwest Corner of 26-7-5 (Solomon Township) then 1/4 mile West (also known as Green Road).
•approved sending notice to the Lincoln Township Board for the application of a Special Event CMB License for the American Legion Club 76 for an event to be held June 22nd at the Cloud County Fairgrounds.
•discussed with Murdock the 2014 budget request and hours of operation for the Transfer Station.
Adjournment was at 12:20 p.m.