Published in the Iola Register on Aug. 9, 2013.

Haug finds retail niche with Sixth Street Fashions & Footwear

    Shari Haug moved to Concordia after discovering from her mother that there was a need for a shoe store.
    Haug's store 6th Street Fashions and Footwear is located at 218 West Sixth in Concordia and will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in March of 2014.
    Haug graduated from Marysville High School in 1993 and attended Kansas State University. She married her husband Shane in 2000. The couple moved to Concordia from Topeka in 2003.
    "Shane and I wanted to move back to a small community and my mom said Concordia could use a shoe store," Haug said.
    The store was originally located at 210 West Sixth, but was moved to its current location in 2007, which was previously a JC Penney.
    Haug's parents, Rod and Kathy Imhoff, own Rod's Thriftway, located just down the street from their daughter's store.
    Before opening 6th Street Fashions and Footwear, Haug had some experience in the retail business. She worked at Brown Shoe Fit at the age of ten and JC Penney and Dillards after that.
    Haug decided to open another store by the same name in Belleville in October of 2010. She was contacted by Republic County Economic Development about purchasing the store, formerly House of Shoes. From there she remodeled and added apparel, accessories, and more footwear.
    Both stores sell shoes, clothing and accessories for women of all ages.
    Haug is able to give her store a unique style by finding merchandise on the Internet, through magazines, and from the lines of companies she has already bought from.
    Haug says the appeal of her store to so many women comes from the fact that she doesn't hold merchandise typical to most malls. "I have women from the City come in and tell me these clothes are unique and they couldn't find them at the mall," Haug said, "But at the same time, I have to carry what people from Concordia would want. If I carried only business type clothing, no one here would buy it."
    Of all the merchandise she sells, Haug says her favorite thing to sell is shoes. "There are so many types, brands, prints and colors."
    She says that it is even more fun now that her Belleville store sells children's athletic and men's shoes.
    Having two stores means that Haug must figure out how to divide her time. "I work full time in Concordia and I try to go to Belleville two to four times a week."
    Because she can't be at both places at once, Haug says it is very important to have good employees she can trust with her stores. "I have awesome help at both places," she said.
    Besides selling shoes, Haug says her favorite part of owning a retail store is spending time with the customers.