Published in the Iola Register on Nov. 16, 2012.

Letter to the Editor 11-16

Dear Editor,

 Year after year, we have spent a substantial amount of time, energy and money decorating Brownstone Hall to provide a free, fun and safe place for the children of our town to enjoy on Halloween.    This year was very disheartening.
 We had property damaged and we received very few thanks for the candy and our efforts. We had to deal with drunken adults, snotty teenagers and thankless individuals who took all the fun out of it for us.
 We have decided to no longer decorate for the holiday. I believe that we should follow the lead of other states and have an ordinance that allows only children under the age of 13 to go “Trick or Treating.” We truly appreciated those of you who did enjoy the event and were kind enough to be thankful.
LeRoy Dickinson
Dan Wheatley