Published in the Iola Register on Dec. 27, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 12-27-13

Dear Editor,
Stamps and Senior Citizens

 The liberal icon Hubert Humphrey said the moral character of a society can be judged by ONE: how they care for the young . . . today we don't allow children to be young . . . an abortion every 30 seconds.
 TWO: care and concern for the elderly . . . Now stamps will cost fifty cents per stamp. In my youth, first class was 3 cents . . . that's 3 pennies, sport fans!
 The aged care little about personal message via electronics . . . they want it written and in a letter. Now their humble survivor budget takes another hit . . . thanks to BIG BROTHER . . .the GOVERNMENT.
 Who cares about Senior Citizens ???  It sure isn't the Federal Government!
                                               George Meyer