Published in the Iola Register on Feb. 22, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 2-22-13

Dear Editor,
I'm now more convinced than ever to vote yes after being very impressed with Phil Gilliland's recent presentation in Jamestown. I was already going to vote yes, but when bankers like Jim Koch and Phil Gilliland and businessman and long-time extension agent Darrel Hosie have all done extensive homework and are supportive, that gives me even more confidence in voting yes. If in the future, we're going to want local health care for our grandchildren, major and significant dollars will have to be spent on facilities whether new or existing. Does it make sense to do it now? Last time, it was going to be all property tax dollars. If there's a next time, it could be all property tax dollars. We've been spoiled with hospital services for more than a century. Surrounding counties have and continue to send tax dollars to support hospitals. Now Cloud County residents need to step to the plate in the same way. Sales tax makes a lot of sense to me. I encourage you to vote yes in Tuesday's hospital election.
Joe Jindra