Published in the Iola Register on Feb. 22, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 2-22-13

Dear Editor,
As medical providers to this community, the three of us all had our reasons for coming here. The common reasons were wanting to be in a small town like where we grew up and being able to feel ilk we were going to be able to make a difference for the community we lived in. We wanted to be somewhere where we could be more than just another doctor.
Being in a small town provides us the ability to administer a more intimate and compassionate level of care to our patients. To us, you are more than just another patient. You are our friends, our neighbors, and our fellow community members. We have been able to get to know many of our patients on a personal level that we just can't get in a bigger city or setting. This provides you the opportunity to get a more personable level of care. You are not just another number or time slot on a schedule.
In our practices here, we are capable of taking care of multiple generations of families from newborns, to children, to parents, to grandparents, and even some great-grandparents. It is truly a rewarding experience and one of the main reasons we all went in to family medicine as our specialty. No other field in medicine allows us to do this. To us, it is what being a doctor is all about.
We know our patients on a personal level because we are able to see them and spend time with them outside of just visiting with them when the come in to their appointments. We see them at the ball fields, the movie theater, at Walmart, school functions, and when we go out to eat. We know you and you know us. It's something a small town provides that allows a more extensive level of care.
We all have made a commitment to be here in Concordia. Dr. Jordan and I have been employed at CCHC for 10 years. Dr. Cramer has completed her fourth year. We would like to believe that our commitment has made the available health care better than when we arrived. We think there is another step that needs to be taken to help us reach our full potential as a medical community. To take that step, we need the community and the county to make a commitment back to us. We need the new facility so we are able to recruit and retain new team members to our medical staff and to keep the staff we have in place. This plan that is being presented will allow us to do that and has our full support.
The new facility is important because of how medicine has changed in the last 10 to 20 years. We have experienced tremendous growth in outpatient services, which requires different space and equipment than inpatient care does. More space is needed in this area to provide patients better service and more efficient care. It is an ongoing challenge for CCHC to add new specialty clinics and to recruit providers to our community with the facility we currently have. When recruiting against new facilities with our aging hospital, we simply do not stand much of a chance. Young professionals want to be somewhere that has a modern facility and modern technology. It must be improved to deliver optimal care today, and into the future, and to help us attract the providers that we need.
All of the providers and staff feel our patients deserve a modern, more efficient facility. We have a plan in place with the new design that ties in all of our outpatient services, keeping them close to the main entrance for easy access, especially for our elderly patients. Our lab, X-ray, therapy, ER, and clinic location in the new facility were designed to be keep together for ease of access and efficient care. The hospital rooms will all be private and will have their own bathrooms and showers. There will be no more sharing of commodes with the patient in the room next to you. The IV poles will actually be able to fit in the restrooms with the patients, and the days of having to be wheeled down the hall or walking down the hall in your hospital gown just to take a shower will be long gone. We think our patients deserve to keep their privacy and dignity when they are in our care.
In closing, we ask for your support for, and commitment to, your health care community. It's time for us to take the next step and to move forward. We chose to be here so we could make a difference. Now we ask that you vote yes, so that you can make a difference as well. The community deserves this facility because you're not just our patients – you are our friends, our neighbors and our families.

Justin Poore, D.O.
Travis Jordan, D.O.
Bonnie Cramer, M.D.