Published in the Iola Register on Feb. 22, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 2-22-13

Dear Editor,
 I am writing to express my thoughts about the proposed sales tax hike, and subsequent hospital construction. I am in complete agreement with Joann Freeborn.
 The affordable care act has not been fully implemented. I believe it is scheduled to take place sometime in 2014. The full cost of this as recently scored by the CBO is at least three times what President Obama told the American public. This information alone leads me to believe that this vote needs to be pushed back until we know the full effects of Obama care.
 I am not a pessimist; however, I fear the worst is coming.
 Another thing we should consider is the likely effect of the Federal Reserve’s printing large sums of money which they call quantitative easing. The actions taken by the Fed will undoubtedly lead to inflation and, given recent events overseas, it is quite possible that hyper inflation will take place. I believe we need to live with what we have for the time being. Give it some time to let these events unfold before we decide to make such a commitment.
Bill Lahodny