Published in the Iola Register on Feb. 22, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 2-22-13

Dear Editor,
Just how badly do we need a new hospital? Not to build a new hospital means our peace-filled Concordia will go downhill rapidly and sharply, which could become disaster for each and every one of us.
I love Concordia deeply and want to see it on the upbeat scale. One of the best ways to accomplish this town's growth is with excellent hospital care, which means having more good efficient doctors to come and serve.
To save, one way is to cut down on heating bills in winter, less air conditioning in summer, and the elevator that is very costly. The one story new hospital would save immensely.
Just think a moment about these figures and let your heart direct you …
Not only much less upkeep, but doctors will have better and more efficient use of emergency care, surgery care, patients rooms bright and cheery, lab and newer X-ray equipment.
Let's have the best of care. Lift our spirits with joy! Keep our city with a shining light! Vote "YES" on Feb. 26.
Sister Ann Glatter
Sister of St. Joseph of Concordia