Published in the Iola Register on Mar. 14, 2014.

Letter to the Editor 3-14-14

Dear Editor,
Subject: Where did I come from?

  “Mom, where did I come from?”
  Her answer, “From God . . . I prayed for you.”
  Believe it or not, that was the first sentence I ever remember saying.
 As the years flew by and being part of American history . . . Born in 1934 . . . at the height of the Great Depression . . . the last of four children.  Father a veterinarian, with farmers broke . . . like the country. The faith they lived accepting another baby in those times.  Amazing.
 They must have passed that grace on to me, in my life to be a pro-life warrior.
 I'm now leaning on Mom's unique wooden cane.  Life's story.
                                        George Meyer