Published in the Iola Register on Apr. 26, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 4-26-13

Dear Editor,
 The junior class and their sponsors would like to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Prom possible. First, we couldn’t have done it without the parents who gave of their time, energy and resources. We would also like to thank the CHS secretaries and custodial staff who helped in countless ways. Next, Officer Thoman deserves our gratitude for helping our kids have a good time while keeping them safe; and a big thank you goes to Mr. Breese, Mr. Wachs, and Mr. Rice (and their spouses) whose attendance shows that they are concerned for CHS students in all areas of their lives. 
 We also appreciate the local businesses that support us including EcoWater, Womack Sunshine Ford, The Blade-Empire and NCK Laundry. Thank you to Ron Copple and the city crews who allow us to use the stanchions for walk-in every year. 
 We would also like to thank those who helped with the SADD after-prom party. What an incredible display of community support! Thank you to each local business that donated finances and food and for supporting a fun and safe after-prom.  Thank you to the Concordia Elementary School administration, faculty and staff for their helpful attitudes and use of their facilities. Thank you to parents who attended after-prom and sacrificed important hours of sleep to ensure the SADD Club had adequate manpower. Again, thank you to the Concordia High School principals and SRO Doug Thoman for attending and assisting  with after-prom. And thank you to SADD members, especially SADD officers, for months of hard work in planning and preparation!
 Also, thank you to anyone we may have forgotten to mention. Our forgetfulness does not mean you are not appreciated; it just means we are a bit overwhelmed with details!
 The proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and we appreciate the people in this village who work hard to provide good things for our CHS students.
                                        Lora Watson
                                         Ashley Blain