Published in the Iola Register on Apr. 26, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 4-26-13

Re: 4-19-2013 Editorial,
 Background Checks

Dear Editor,

 What have you been smoking?: )  According to the liberal dominated media, the NRA is stronger than ever. I really wanted to discuss this with Bounder. Guess I will have to settle for you.
 Fear may be the central issue. Fear of our fellow person. Fear of sharing. Fear of those we determine must be different than ourselves.

 Big money is the key. Money talks. How can a newspaper editor take on the mega corporations and their cast of well-heeled lobbyists?

 We are between a rock and a hard spot. Obama gets blamed and neutralized and the prison/weapons industrial complex steams on unfettered. Vilify North Koreans, sell more weapons. Hate Iranians, sell more weapons. You see the direction. General Eisenhower predicted this.

 If you prefer, call this a postscript to my April Fool reply.  BTW, your editorial was enlightening.

                                       Good day!
                                        Ted Collins,