Published in the Iola Register on May. 17, 2013.

Letter to the Editor 5-17-13

Dear Editor,
 We travel through your fair city several times a week, and we are SHOCKED by the price of your gas! Concordia gas stations really have a monopoly on your people. Where else can they go to get gas? And at $3.99. . . Concordia is so much higher than anyone else around. I would like to see an explanation from the owner(s) of the local gas stations respond to why your prices are always, always, always higher than anyone else.
  In Minneapolis, we are a few cents more than Salina, but Concordia is always 15 to 25 cents higher than we are. Why? does it cost that much to transport it to Concordia?
 Perhaps your prices are so high that 90% of your town is driving 20 miles any direction to fill up. Perhaps a little loss on your part to lower your prices would bring customers back and keep them buying from you!
                                   Julie Yanda
                                   Minneapolis, Kan.