Published in the Iola Register on Jun. 20, 2013.

Susans to gather in Concordia

 What do Queen Elizabeth II's dog, the promoter of Thigh Master and the daughter of U.S. President Gerald Ford have in common? They are all Susans.
Persons who share the name of Susan, are related to a Susan or are any derivative of Susan (Sue, Susie, Suzanne) are invited to the Susan Convention in Concordia Saturday, June 29, from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. All people with Sue as a middle name are also welcome.
Registrations will be accepted until June 25. Call 785.243.4303 or go to to click on the link to register.
 It isn't even necessary to be a Susan to attend the conference which will begin at the Nazareth Motherhouse auditorium. A willingness to be a Susan for a day will suffice.  Welcoming acts will include a solo on a Sousaphone followed by presentations of "Socket to me, Susi," "Sipping with Susan" and "This Bud's for Sue." Featured speakers will be Linda Warner, executive manager of Tomboy Tools, Lois Lervold, former owner of Hucklebery Tea House, and Sheri Cyre, the award winning designer and owner of Floral Expressions. Special gift bags will be given to all who register.
 Those who register in advance will be sent a "Simply Susan" caricature to take to various prominent places in their home area to photograph. The "Simply Susan" should come to the convention with the participants so that people can share highlights about their home areas and or travels. During the convention, the saga of Simply Susan's pursuit of Flat Stanley will be created. Flat Stanley has been traveling the world for many years and Simply Susan has her sights set on catching up with him.
 Another motif at the convention will be the inclusion of a multitude of small turntables which others may refer to as "Lazy Susans" but Susans do not claim that name to be accurate since there is no such thing as a Lazy Susan.
 After lunch, participants will shop and visit local attractions—the Brown Grand Theatre, Nazareth Motherhouse, National Orphan Train Museum, Cloud County Historical Society Museum and the Whole Wall Mural. Several merchants will remain open on Saturday afternoon for participants.
 The day will end with a So Long Susan Session at the National Orphan Train Museum from 3:30-4:30. Hors d'oeurves and beverages will be served.
Registration for the day is payable at the door.