Published in the Iola Register on Dec. 30, 2013.

Wrestliing club places second in tournament

MANHATTAN — The Concordia Kids Wrestling Club placed second in the Little Apple Team Duals on Sunday.
Concordia defeated Abilene 64-57, Rock Creek 79-27, Kansas City 63-58 and lost to Manhattan, 70-40.
Kale Schroeder, 40 pounds, and Brent Beaumont, lightweight, recorded 4-0 records for Concordia.
Blake Leiszler, 80 pounds, and Hunter Schroeder, 90 pounds, were 3-1.
Wyatt Trost, 100 pounds, and Zach Strait, 105 pounds, were 2-1.
Cater Eakins, 50 pounds, and Caden Womack, 85 pounds, were 2-2.
Sajen Kemling, and Keaton Rudolph, went 1-2.
Koby Koch, 60 pounds, was 1-3.
Kassidy Leiszler, 65 pounds, and Logan Leiszler, 65 pounds, were 0-2.
Warric Eakins, 40 pounds; Christian Belden, 45 pounds; and Austin Higbee, heavyweight, were 0-3.
Concordia club had 37 wrestlers place in the top five in the Beloit Round Robin Tournament on Saturday.
First-place finishers include:
Kale Schroeder, 46 pounds, 6-and-under; Carter Eakins, 52 pounds, 6-and-under; Brandon Wahlmeier, 55 pounds, 8-and-under; Torxsten Kindel, 55 pounds, 8-and-under; Kadryn McManus, 61 pounds, 8-and-under; Braxtin Mason, 73 pounds, 8-and-under; Kameron Knox, 80 pounds, 8-and-under; Dylan Thoman, 82 pounds, 10-and-under; Phoenix Vansant, 90 pounds, 10-and-under; and Zach Strait, 100 pounds, 14-and-under.
Second-place finishers include:
Logan Jackson, 43 pounds, 6-and-under; Rush LeDuc, 46 pounds, 6-and-under; Peyton Fulton, 80 pounds, 6-and-under; Koby Koch, 55 pounds, 8-and-under; Gunnar Hale, 110 pounds, 8-and-under; Billy Wahlmeier, 64 pounds, 10-and-under; Thomas Genereux, 70 pounds, 10-and-under; Jayden Christianson, 70 pounds, 10-and-under; and Caden Womack, 85 pounds, 10-and-under.
Third-place finishers include:
Warric Eakins, 37 pounds, 6-and-under; Trent Baker, 40 pounds, 6-and-under; Drew Sterrett, 52 pounds, 6-and-under; Easton Swihart, 55 pounds, 8-and-under; Shane Davis, 88 pounds, 8-and-under; Ian Ketterman, 110 pounds, 8-and-under; Drew Brown, 82 pounds, 10-and-under; Aaron Thornton, 110 pounds, 10-and-under; and Taylor Mason, 150 pounds, 10-and-under.
Fourth-place finishers include:
Ayden Krier, 40 pounds, 6-and-under; Dustin Sterrett, 58 pounds, 8-and-under; Jaxon Brooks, 61 pounds, 8-and-under; Toby Wahlmeier, 73 pounds, 10-and-under; Layton Kindel, 88 pounds, 12-and-under; Peyton Burross, 105 pounds, 12-and-under; and Shaylan Koch, 100 pounds, 14-and-under.
Fifth-place finishers include:
Braxton Kindel, 64 pounds, 10-and-under, and Taskin Kindel, 110 pounds, 10-and-under.