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CCHC to implement "no visitor policy" beginning Wednesday

Cloud County Health Center will implement a “no visitor policy” beginning Wednesday because of the dramatic increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Cloud County.

A release issued by Cloud County Health Center administration stated “while this may be very difficult for our patients and their families, we are confident this is the right thing to do for the safety of our staff, patients and community.”

The no visitor policy applies to all patients in the emergency room and outpatient services such as lab, X-ray, dialysis, physical therapy, wound care, etc.

The Family Care Center will continue to allow one visitor if necessary.

The no visitor restrictions and exceptions include the following:

One caregiver for patients younger than 18 allowed (must stay in patient's room the entire time).

One companion for patients with disabilities or impairments needing assistance allowed (must stay in patient's room the entire time).

For all other patients – no visitors are allowed.

Comfort care visitor exceptions will be made for patients nearing end of life on a case by case basis.

Everyone will continue to use the main entrance for hospital access and will continue to be screened according to Kansas Department of Health and Environment guidelines currently in place.

The hospital employees will continue to be diligent with self-screening in order to protect themselves, their peers, family and loved ones and the community.

As this time the hospital is not discontinuing any services. Those planning to visit should call ahead if they need to be seen in the Family Care Center or emergency room or if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

The hospital is encouraging the best practices to stay safe and avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19 including:

Staying home when you are sick.

Washing hands frequently and properly.

Properly wearing personal protective equipment such as masks/face shields.

Maintaining a 6-foot distance between you and people who are not members of your own household.

Avoiding gatherings with those who are not members of your household.


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