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Voters approve Sunday alcohol sales

The sale of cereal malt beverage and liquor on Sundays will be legal within the Concordia city limits after the question was approved by voters in Tuesday's general election.
Unofficially, the question on Sunday sales was passed 813-761 by Concordia voters.
Election results will not be official until the Cloud County board of commissioners meets on November 13 to canvas the ballots.
The Concordia city commission, during a meeting on August 1, voted 4-1 to approve an ordinance allowing the sale of cereal malt beverage and liquor on Sunday.
Commissioner Mark Matthew voted against the ordinance.
During a 60-day protest period, a petition was filed with the Cloud County Clerk's Office to place the question on the ballot.
The petition required signatures of five percent of the registered voters in Concordia from the 2016 presidential election.
The question on the ballot read:
Within the city limits of Concordia shall sale at retail of cereal malt beverage in the original package be allowed on any Sunday, except Easter, between the hours of 12 noon and 8 p.m. and shall the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor in the original package be allowed on any Sunday, except Easter, between the hours of 12 noon and 8 p..m. and on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day?
There were a total of 3,217 ballots cast in Cloud County in Tuesday's election with a voter turnout of nearly 55 percent.
Chuck Lambertz, running unopposed, was re-elected to a second term on the Concordia city commission.
Lambertz received 1,432 votes. There were 26 write-in votes cast.
Bill Czapanskiy, Clyde, was re-elected to the Cloud County commission 1st District.
Czapanskiy, who was also unopposed, received 925 votes, with 26 write-in votes cast.
Republican Susan Concannon, on her way to earning a fourth term in the Kansas House of Representatives 107th District, carried Cloud County.
Concannon received 2,035 votes in the county to 1,076 for Libertarian Party challenger Bryan Bombardier, Concordia.
District wide, Concannon defeated Bombardier, 6,280-1,194.
Roger Marshall, a Republican from Great Bend, was re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives 1st District seat.
Marshall received 149,708 votes to 69,076 for Democrat Alan LaPolice, Clyde.
In Cloud County, Marshall received 1,969 votes to 1,195 for LaPolice.


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