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CCHC selects McCownGordon as CMAR for hospital project

Cloud County Health Center, continuing to move forward with the construction of a new 74,000 square foot modern medical facility in Concordia, has selected McCownGordon Construction as the construction manager at-risk (CMAR) firm on the project.
McCownGordon Construction was chosen as the CMAR after three firms were interviewed by the selection committee which included members of the Cloud County Health Center (CCHC) board of directors, hospital administration, and representatives from Salina Regional Health Center.
“McCownGordon definitely rose to the top of the heap. What differentiated them from others is their staffing, number one. They have access to a full complement of engineers and project managers and that type of thing. Which the other firms didn't necessarily have,” CCHC administrator David Garnas said, “And I would also say what also set them apart was the use of technology, BIM (building information modeling), virtual design technology, that really helps, when we get to the construction phase, in making that to be pretty seamless and to be pretty successful.”
Garnas said that another thing that set McCownGordon apart is that they have had experience in the area.
“They have already some relationships with local subs (sub-contractors), local suppliers, and it was recent, real life experience. I think that is a benefit to our community and our economy,” Garnas said.
As the CMAR on the project, McGownGordon will provide professional services and act as a consultant on the design development and construction phases of the project.
Garnas, during a public event at the Broadway Plaza in July, announced the plans to construct the new 14-bed hospital on College Drive without the use of local tax support.
CCHC is seeking funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the project which has an estimated cost of $40.35 million.
Doherty Mortgage, Inc. was hired by CCHC to provide assistance with the loan process.
CCHC is currently awaiting final approval from the USDA on the funding.
After receiving approval on the preliminary architect report, CCHC requested proposals from firms experienced in the construction of medical facilities to serve as the CMAR on the project.
CCHC originally received proposals from nine firms. One of the firms dropped out and another did not attend the mandatory pre-bidding meeting.
The selection committee selected the top three firms from the seven remaining.
The firms were interviewed on January 31, and McCownGordon was selected by the committee and then given final approval by the USDA.
“We are proud to be able to call them our partner, and that kind of rounds out our team,” Garnas said.
Garnas said that the team will probably kick off the design process of the new hospital in the next couple of weeks.
“Now that we are entering the design process, that is roughly an eight month process. It could be a little quicker,” Garnas said.
The construction of the new facility is expected to take about 19 months following the estimated eight months for the design. That would result in completion in the spring of 2022.


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