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Commission presented year end report

City finance director Amber Farha presented the Concordia city commission a year end financial report during its regular meeting Wednesday night at City Hall.
The city was able to carry over a reserve in the general fund of $1,006,704.97. That is $269,135 more than estimated during the creation of the 2019 budget.
Information provided to the commissioners by Farha stated that the reason for being able to carry over the large reserve was because of increased revenue over budget for 2018 and the diligent department heads who stayed within their budgets.
“The main thing to note is that the general fund ended the year $359,000 over budget for revenue and under for expenses, therefore our carryover and our reserve was $1,006,000. That is the largest carryover in reserve we have had since sometime before 2008. And I only know that we have had $1 million one time,” Farha said.
To end the year December 31, 2018, the general fund collected 109 percent of revenue.
Ad valorem property taxes make up 21 percent of the general fund revenue stream, and saw collections of 99.9 percent of budget. That includes delinquent taxes from previous years paid in the current year, which is expected when making the budget.
Sales tax collections to end the year exceeded the budgeted amount by $30,007, or 1.78 percent. Total sales tax collections for 2018 were $24,916 over collections for 2017. Sales tax makes up 41 percent of total general fund revenues.
Franchise fees collections, which make up 14 percent of the total general fund revenues ended the year 2018 at 102 percent.
It was reported to the commission that the franchise fees were estimated conservatively at approximately the same level of 2018, and the outlook is strong to be able to meet the estimate.
Ambulance service revenue reached its second highest total on collection year o record of $341,593, or 108.4 percent of budget. That was due to an increase in runs for the year.
“Basically all of the funds ended where we estimated or where we expected them to be. Nothing went down more than we thought would,” Farha said.
In action by the meeting, the commission approved ordinance 2019-3146 regulating the sale of cereal malt beverages within the city limits.
Beginning April 1, 2019, cereal malt beverage retailers will be allowed to sell beer containing no more than 6 percent alcohol by volume under their existing retailer license.
The proposed ordinance replaces a section in the ordinance with a definition of cereal malt beverage which includes strong beer.
The ordinance also amends a section to reflect the change in state statute which allows the sale of alcohol on election days.
A resolution which waves generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) requirements in order for the audit to be more useable to the city was approved by the commission.
The resolution is required and determines that financial statements and reports required by GAAP are not relevant to requirements of the cash basis and budget laws of Kansas. The waiver cannot be for more than one year.
Broadway Plaza event coordinator Jessica Brucken presented a review of 2018 to the commission.
Revenue for Broadway Plaza in 2018 was up 44 percent over to the previous year.
“That was largely due to the grant funding we received,” Brucken said.
Broadway Plaza hosted 126 events during the year, bringing the total number of events since it opened in September 2016 to 308 events.
Brucken provided the commission with a preview of 2019.
Broadway Plaza representatives will be attending the Strategic Doing session tonight to discuss the Shade Crusade initiative. The group is wanting to provide shade at the Plaza, the Sports Complex and the swimming pool.
Brucken discussed new events scheduled for 2019 at the Plaza to include Tube Tuesdays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. each Tuesday, a kids corner yards sale in connection with the city wide garage sale in June, a comedy night on June 21 and King Midas and the Mufflers will perform during Fall Fest on September 28.
Following the regular meeting, the commission met in a study session to discuss the focus for 2019.


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