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County board approves contract with Pawnee

The Cloud County board of commissioners approved the 2019 contract with Pawnee Mental Health Services.
The contract with Pawnee Mental Health Services calls for a tax levy of .768 mills for services, with an approximate payment of $87,290.
Also during the meeting, names were drawn to determine the winners of the clerk positions for Oakland, Summit, Lincoln and Nelson townships.
There were ties among write-in candidates for the clerk positions in those townships.
The names of the winners were drawn in accordance to KSA 25-3108, and included Kathy Coleman, Oakland; Keith Portnier, Summit; Jack Widen, Lincoln; and Larry Campbell, Nelson.
Resolution No. 2018-35, abatement of real property taxes and special assessment taxes on property sold at judicial tax foreclosure sale totaling $737.54 was approved by the board.
Andy Asch, Highway Department administrator, met with the board. He presented a classification change, discussed overtime pay and reported he would be turning in gravel loss from the recent winter storm for FEMA funds.
The board acknowledged the resignation of Shelby Hagen from the Highway Department, effective December 12.
Brandi Bray, Health Department administrator, discussed the 2019 budget, 2019 wages and ceiling damage in the basement of the Health Department, with the board.
The board accepted bids from county employees for a Samsung Galaxy 5 phone from a previous county contract. There were five bids received with a high bid of $80 from Amanda Hacker.
The board approved payroll deductions and benefits totaling $63,772.87.
The following payroll and expenses totaling $155,920.21, were approved:
General fund, $89,095.35; appraisal, $4,823.64; noxious weed, $511.54; solid waste, $4,212.74; road & bridge, $41,210.78; county health, $14,701.76; election, $1,364.40.
The board approved the following expenses totaling $109,973.39:
General fund, $29,972.41; special bridge, $34.93; juvenile justice, $3,616.45; appraisal, $83.32; county health, $6,787.93; election, $15,096.75; road & bridge, $18,819.43; juvenile reinvestment, $30.04; community corrections, $221.42; Cloud County Tourism & Convention, $18,274.45; noxious weed, $64.04; solid waste, $16,745.07; employee benefits, $227.12.


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