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County commission addresses personnel matters

The Cloud County board of commissioners addressed personnel matters during its regular meeting on Monday.
The board approved classification changes for Richard Stromberg from equipment operator to asphalt foreman, at an introductory wage of $16.52 an hour for three months, effective May 24; for Cory Huff from asphalt foreman to equipment operator, at an hourly rate of $15.52, effective May 24; for Tyler R. Reed from part-time to full-time corrections officer, going from $13.00 to $15.12 an hour, effective April 26.
The hiring of Mark S. Ferron as a temporary part-time employee at the Recycling Center at an hourly rate of $11.50, effective May 11, was approved by the board.
The board recognized the resignation of Ralphael D. Williams as a corrections officer, effective May 1.
Brandi Bray, Health Department administrator, met with the board and reported that 132 COVID-19 tests had been administered in the county with 126 negative and four positive with two pending.
Bray also encouraged residents to make an appointment for childhood immunizations. She said that Home Health is taking appointments and referrals, and that hand sanitizer stands are being made and she is working with the city to find sanitizer refills for the pumps.
James Quillen, Emergency Preparedness director, reported to the board that masks were ordered and received for the District Court and that other PPE is getting to those in need.
Andy Asch, Highway Department administrator, met with the board and reported that the UP bridge is open and that the weight limit still applies. He said that the plan is to reopen old Highway 24 this week,  the department is renting a broom from Foley's, and is hiring on the asphalt crew.
The board received a budget request from the Maintenance Department totaling $131,908, with an additional request of $28,000 from capital outlay. The total 2020 budget was $145,808 and included $10,000 from capital outlay.
The board approved $183,625.85 in payroll deductions and benefits and the following payroll expenses totaling $151,144.79:
General Fund, $78,201.07: Road & Bridge, $43,654.33; Appraisal, $5,216.77; County Health, $16,216.27; Noxious Weed, $1,726.46; Election, $1,499.42; Solid Waste, $4,630.47.


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