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County commission receives budget requests

The Cloud County board of commissioners received 2020 budget requests from the Cloud County District Court, County Treasurer and County Election during its regular meeting on Monday.
The District Court requested $216,549.21 as compared to the 2019 budget of $160,765.
A request for $14,070, not including payroll and payroll reimbursements, was presented. That is compared to the 2019 budget of $15435.
County Election requested $80,539, compared to 2019 of $55,174 (not including payroll).
Classification changes for Meghan Dieckmann from LPN – Home Health to RN – Home Health at rate of $19.36 effective June 10; Megan Williams from receptions to Family Planning Coordinator at a rate of $18.40 effective June 10; and Cynthia Dew from part-time Recycling Center equipment operator to full-time maintenance at rate change from $11.50 to 11.80 effective June 10 were approved by the board.
The board approved three requests for capital outlay funds for the IT Department totaling $9,425.18.
The composition of cash balances and investments report and fund status report as of May 31, totaling $12,250,889.36 was reviewed by the board.
The board discussed the Emergency Preparedness director position being a full-time position and employee wages.
Highway Department administrator Andy Asch reported that the department is continuing with road repairs, he is considering postponing work on the Ames/Miltonvale Road until 2020 and receiving thistle complaints.
Brandi Bray, Health Department administrator, met with the board and discussed Erika Hodgens' wages for 2019. It was found that an error was made on the 2019 budget wage workbook, and she did not receive the wage increase for 2019. A correction will be made retroactive to January 1.
Bray also discussed moving forward with the grant process developing options for the Health Department and expressed her opinion on the need for a full-time Emergency Preparedness director.
The board met with department heads during the meeting. Reports presented include:
Lisa Keating, Family Heritage – Discussed products her company offers and shared testimonials. Department heads were asked to share the information with staff. The products are not payroll deducted and have return of premium benefit after 25 years of coverage.
Kristi Benyshek, District Court clerk – Hired a new clerk in Washington County and the applicant saw the ad posted on the CloudCorp website.
Bray – New immunization requirements for students entering grades 7-11.
Asch – Working on road repairs.
Barry Porter, County Appraiser – Newer photos are available and working on a questionnaire.
Henry Eilert, Maintenance manager – Thanked the board for purchasing the cooling tower, replaced a motor a unit on the third floor, continuing mowing and a new employee started.
JoDee LeDuc, Treasurer – Personal property delinquent letters were sent out, approximately $14,000 for the second half; real estate letters will go out next month; 97 percent of collected to date which is normal.
Jana Roush, Register of Deeds – Attended the Register of Deeds seminar in Topeka.
Shella Thoman, County Clerk – There will not be a primary election in August; remind employees to sign up for TextCaster; 2020 budgets will be sent to the auditors this week.
The board approved the following expenses totaling $269,101.75:
General Fund, $65,604.70; Special Bridge, $6,315.55; Juvenile Justice, $1,055.76; Appraisal, $188.54; County Health, $3,876.02; Election, $775.03; Fair, $12,852.47; Services for the Elderly, $30,679.63; Employee Benefits, $1,000; OCCK, $34,374.62; Road & Bridge, $47,676.45; Juvenile Reinvestment, $34.56; Community Corrections, $2,853.73; Soil Conservation, $8,012.45; Noxious Weed, $10,955.45; Solid Waste, $2,276.39; Pawnee Mental Health, $28,009.15; County Tourism & Convention, $262.51; Vending Machines, $26; Historical Museum, $12,192.74.


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