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Genereux baking cookies for governor

It's official. The Governor of Kansas will be eating cookies baked by Wendy Genereux.
Actually it's Governor-elect Laura Kelly - she doesn't officially take office until January 14. But she is holding a special inaugural reception in Topeka on Friday for her supporters and state dignitaries, and Wendy's Party Treats of Clyde was chosen as an official vendor for the event.
“Part of what makes Kansas so special is the immense talent of local farmers, merchants, restaurants and entertainers in our communities,” said Governor-elect Kelly. “We knew immediately that we wanted to highlight the best that Kansas has to offer through the local vendors featured in the inaugural festivities.”
Genereux, who is baking 300 cookies for the event, is honored to be a part of the celebration.
"There will be four different types of cookies served at the event," Genereux said. "I'm making cookies that will have the state seal on them."
Genereux has been operating her bakery - Wendy's Party Treats - from her home in Clyde for the past ten years. A former bakery manager at Boogaarts, Genereux had always wanted to open her own business.
"It allows me to be creative," she said. "And I really like helping people celebrate special occasions. I've made things for a child's first birthday all the way up to a gentleman celebrating his 100th birthday."
Genereux's baked goods are well known in the north central Kansas area, and beyond. Tour groups that stop in at the Cloud County Tourism Office get a cookie from Wendy's Party Treats to take with them in their goodie bag.
Baking for the Governor of the state elevates things to a whole other level, and Genereux is grateful to State Senator Elaine Bowers for making it happen.
"I've always had a good working relationship with (Lt. Governor-elect) Lynn Rogers," Bowers said, "and I told him I wanted to get some of our local residents involved in the event. He was all for it, and Wendy's cookies were approved."
Does Genereux feel any added pressure knowing that her cookies will be seen and eaten by the state's political elite?
"Really, the biggest challenge is making sure we get the cookies to the destination on time. My husband is going to drive them to Topeka."
The cookies are for the Governor, so will they have a police escort? Extra security?
"No, I'm just going to bake a few extra in case some of them break along the way."
Wendy Genereaux - baker for the Governor. Has a nice ring to it.
A little extra icing, please.


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