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  • Terry Rowe, Catch a Ghost Tours, displays the equipment to be used for the ghost tour at the Brown Grand Theatre Saturday night. (Blade photo by Russell Gagnon)

A ghost hunting night A ghost hunting night at the Brown Grand Theatre

Saturday night was ghost hunting night at the Brown Grand Theatre.
Terry Rowe of Catch A Ghost Tours of Kansas, and his sons and mother came to Concordia to lead a paranormal search of the historic theater.
"The Brown Grand definitely has some paranormal activity," said son Jeremiah Rowe.
The Rowe family has come to the Brown Grand several times over the previous years. They've led tours of many reputedly haunted facilities all over western and northern Kansas. Some of their favorite haunts are the Wolf Hotel and underground tunnels in Ellinwood Kansas, and the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas.
Terry Rowe is a former Assembly of God pastor, and first became interested in the paranormal at a young age while growing up in Lakewood, Colorado.
"My grandmother's house was very active with paranormal activity," he said.
Rowe has spent the past 35 years counseling people he believes have had direct contact with ghosts. He's even been involved with exorcisms.
"I've dealt with people who were truly possessed," he said. "It was definitely dangerous and a little scary."
Rowe's sons have been involved in the paranormal world their entire lives.
"Our visits to the Brown Grand are more of an educational tour," said Jeremiah. "We want to teach people how to deal with certain levels of paranormal activity on their own. We show them tools and equipment that everyday people can use."
About 15 people gathered at the Brown Grand for the ghost tour, and Terry Rowe began the evening with a 20 minute discussion about different aspects of paranormal activity. He showed the tour group how to use the equipment they brought to detect a paranormal presence, and how to respond to a suspected contact from a spirit.
The equipment included a K2 Meter to measure EMS frequencies that register the presence of a specter; a Flair Camera that measures heat signatures; and Circuit Boxes that trigger an alarm whenever a ghost comes close.
Randy Sorell had signed up for the tour. He became interested in paranormal activity several years ago, and has traveled to different parts of the state - including the famed haunted area around Atchison, Kansas - on ghost hunting tours.
As the guests were split into two groups and then led around the Brown Grand, Sorell used an app on his phone to measure paranormal activity. When he reached the west wing of the stage, the bars on the app graph rose dramatically. Sorell hovered in the area for a few minutes, trying to establish a contact, but the graph quickly retreated back to normal levels.
If there was a spirit present for a few moments, it had moved on elsewhere.
The tour lasted about three hours, and the equipment detected significant paranormal activity around the stage.
"It's always interesting here," Zachariah Rowe said. "This place has a lot of history."
The Brown Grand Theatre has stood for over a hundred years. There have been an untold number of productions and performances spanning that century. Who's to say that an actor long-since deceased doesn't come back every now and then for a visit. They're performers. They're always looking for an audience. Even if it's a ghost hunting tour group.

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