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Losing weight, getting in shape are popular resolutions

For most Americans - and many Concordians - the beginning of a new year means new resolutions. Personal goals are set with a renewed determination to see them through to a successful conclusion.
A predominate goal for many is health and fitness. It's time once and for all to lose that extra weight and get in better shape.
Gyms and spas and fitness centers everywhere see a spike in membership at the beginning of each new year.
"We definitely see a rise in membership," said Amanda Baumann, the owner of Dumbbells Fitness Center and Tanning Salon.
Dumbbells offers multiple types of classes and personal training designed for specific individuals of all ages and abilities. On one early January morning Baumann was putting 13 women through the paces of a Fit Life class specially designed for their age group.
"For these ladies, we focus on exercises that blend a little strength training with a cardiovascular workout."
"You either use it or lose it," said Sherry Henry, one of the class participants. She retired five years ago and has the same goal for 2019 that she has every year: "Keep moving. Do as much as I can."
Peggy Scarth recently came back to the Fit Life class after an absence, and her goal is familiar to a lot of people.
"Lose weight," she said with a laugh. "Get in better shape so I have a better golf swing!"
Judy Lambert's 2019 resolution was to stay active.
"At my age," she said, "I just want to keep myself moving and doing things as much as possible."
Cross Fit North Cloud is not the standard type of gym or fitness center, but its clientele is perhaps even more dedicated to their style of training and fitness routines. Located in the old Lincoln Elementary School, Cross Fit offers early morning and evening classes with a personal trainer always participating in the workouts.
"For a lot of our members, it's a rededication to their goals," said head trainer Shalynn Loring.
Loring is a devoted follower of Cross Fit and qualified to participate in the Wodapalooza World Competitions to be held in Miami, Florida, on January 18-20. The 'Wod' part of palooza stands for 'Workout of the Day'.
Judd Kindel has been with the Cross Fit North Cloud since it first opened four years ago, and has lost over 100 pounds.
"I was at 265 pounds," he said, "and I got down to 160. I've put a little weight back on, so I'm going to work it off."
Ashley Carlgren is a new member of the Cross Fit club. A teacher and coach in USD 333, Carlgren has a specific goal for 2019: "I want to get back in shape before I start coaching track."
Jill Hummel has set a goal for herself that is also common for some women this time of year: "I want to look great in my wedding dress!"
Hummel has set a wedding date for October.
"I like that they have set workouts for you here," she said. "They always have a coach here, and its a great community to work out with. They're always very supportive of each other."
To all of those who are determined to make 2019 a year of fitness and health, take note of the motto written in bold lettering on the client board at Dumbbells Fitness Center: 'When You Think About Quitting... Remember The Reasons Why You Started'.


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