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Letter to the Editor 10-30-18

Dear Editor: Much work, sweat, time and resources contribute to the great times over the years that the American Legion Thanksgiving Dinner attendees have enjoyed. Good food and good attitude toward the season of thanks giving has made this effort by the Legion a wonderful success for shut-ins and walk-ins alike. Unfortunately this year's feast was spoiled by persons being "concerned" about a dog that was panting in a blue Aveo with a Republic County license plate. The dog has a syndrome known as separation anxiety which makes her very nervous and anxious when left alone or left in the car with adequate water and walked every few hours to relief herself. No one out of all those persons attending the dinner this year asked whether she would enjoy some table scrapes. These persons are too concerned to ask a simple question such as refreshments for a dog. There is a difference between being concerned and just wanting to be a nuisance.
I am extremely very sure if these same persons looked around their own neighborhood that they would see sights much worse than a dog in a car who had, the week before, been abused by someone breaking and entering the owners home and dowsing the dog's head with chicken water from a pan that was sitting by the sink. Who ever the person was that thought this would be funny to put out the fire in the dog's brain left a footprint behind in their anxiety to break away before being caught. That person needs to return to the scene to reclaim their lost footprint.
Arlene F. Clayton


Concordia Blade-Empire

510 Washington St.
Concordia, KS 66901