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Letter to the Editor 3-6-20

Dear Editor,
I, along with my sister, took my miniature schnauzer out to the dog park on Sunday afternoon. I was just arriving and noticed that there were big dogs on both sides of the pens. I waited a few minutes as they were taking a husky looking dog out of the smaller dog side and I was going to take my schnauzer in then. As I was walking into the inside of the first gate my dog was attacked by the husky. There were  3 other people there immediately, besides myself, trying to get my dog free from the attack. I do not remember if Addie (my schnauzer) barked at this dog or what happened, but the husky was on top of her so fast. I did not get any names of the people that were there to help, but I know that without their help Addie would not be here with us now. There was one lady that I would like to thank and I am sorry I did not get your name, but I have been thinking about you and hoping you are feeling well after the horrible fall you took trying to help us. I feel bad about your injuries and your glasses. I did not stay around, as the situation was upsetting to my sister. We got home and Addie did have a couple of deep puncture bites and her back hind leg is badly bruised, but she will be fine. I am sad to say that we will not be visiting the dog park again though.
Deanna Metro


Concordia Blade-Empire

510 Washington St.
Concordia, KS 66901