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Letter to the Editor 5-31-19

Dear Editor:

The Morrison Cemetery at Glasco was very beautiful this year because of the moisture that has been received this last winter and the rainfall amounts this spring and the cool weather.  The peonies were in full bloom and the sun shone for almost two and one-half days without rain.  

The new part of the cemetery, which was donated by Dr. Max L. Clayton, has one new grave.  I am so glad that the farmland was available for this donation to be made, and the care and courtesy that has been shown by the Morrison Cemetery Board and the Cemetery Sexton to me while I was decorating our families' graves for Christmas and Memorial Day to celebrate our family's history in Cloud County and surrounding counties during the 1840's and later.  It is so comforting to know that your history is being given the utmost courtesy by those who hold official office for this cemetery and those who have been buried there for several generations.

Mr. Silver of the Silver Arrow School District is buried in the Morrison Cemetery.  His school records indicate that the school district always ended and started the school year with a positive balance in the treasury, even if it were only $2.00, which was a lot in the historical past days of education when students were not brought up on texting, console games, and on-line classes.  Pencil sharpeners were the instrument that taught the students that math, science, art, and reading were done by the students using tools that were not being brought to them by satellites and microwave towers.  

The Silver Arrow School is so proudly standing and completes the landscape again as an entity that will be a part of the Cloud County Historical Information that is not maintained by the historical museum and the board and the curator.  Most of the persons who were a part of the old museum have a place in other cemeteries, along with those who were the shakers and movers of historical Cloud County, KS.


Arlene F. Clayton


Concordia Blade-Empire

510 Washington St.
Concordia, KS 66901