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Letter to the Editor 6-21-19

Dear Editor,
Yesterday I attended the free community swim at Concordia Municipal swimming pool with my daughter-in-law and grandchildren. (Kudos to the Lutheran Church for sponsoring this fun community event.)
As we were walking on the sidewalk towards the pool building entrance, my granddaughter stumbled, fell and cut her knee. Blood was running down her leg onto her foot and flip-flop. My daughter-in-law and I realized neither of us had our bags with bandaids, or anything we needed to care for her with us.
From behind us we hear, “Hi, my name is Aidan Poore. I'm a lifeguard, do you give me permission to help your daughter?” Now remember, we were on the sidewalk outside the pool area, not yet inside. Aidan brought us into the building and treated her injury. As a nurse, I was impressed with his professional and appropriate care, while being both kind and gentle with a crying, scared little 2 ½ year old girl. Thank you, Aidan!
For two hours, I was able to observe all of the lifeguards while my family enjoyed the pool. As a Concordia School Nurse, I am familiar with all of them. As students over the years, I have known them to be good, responsible young people. However, Saturday, it made me especially proud to watch them as they went about their jobs, frequently switching positions, constantly looking back and forth watching the swimmers in their designated areas they were guarding, making sure the rules were followed as needed and quickly giving direction when they weren't. They all could have taken summer jobs anywhere, many places, I'm sure, that require less training and responsibilities in order for them to be hired for the job.
At the risk of missing one of them, I will not mention all of them by name here. But to all of you working at the pool Saturday afternoon, THANK YOU!! Each of you and your parents can be proud of the fine, responsible young adults you are becoming!
I would also like to say THANK YOU to Annie Bergmann! She has trained her staff well and maintains high standards to create a safe and secure environment for our community's enjoyment. She isn't a manager who just sits in her office and observes, but takes her position seriously and is circulating, assisting, and aware of what is happening. Concordia is lucky to have her in this position!
Jayme Peterson


Concordia Blade-Empire

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