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Letter to the Editor 8-16-19

Dear Editor:

When Rep. Dr. Roger Marshall was at the Concordia Chamber political meeting he was going all out to get big pharma and those who work for these companies and those who do research for the cancer treatment offered by Merk Laboratories that works with the immune system instead of pumping the body full of adverse chemicals.
This week he has decided that his moccasins need to walk on the other side and has announced that big pharma has indeed made a break through with cancer medicine that works with the immune system in the medical treatment of this disease. Not all cancers are receptive to this type of medication and treatment. However many of the lesser cells are treatable with this line of treatment and results in a cure of the disease as proven by big pharma researchers. Merk's cancer treatment, Keturdah, has been in the hands of oncologists for several months before this astounding announcement from Rep. Dr. Marshall.
Rep. Dr. Marshall what is the paths that you follow on a day to day basis while you are in D. C. advocating for your constituents and their local medical needs at the pharmacy. This change of fact of yours is worse than the fact that the local Senator has no idea about automobile parts and mechanical needs of customers who appear to be vulnerable and elderly nor does the Rep. from Beloit walk in her moccasins because of the complications of the job as a representative of Central Kansas.
Arlene F. Clayton


Concordia Blade-Empire

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