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Letter to the Editor 9-11-20

To the editor,
An Old Soldier's Opinion
I went to the races at The Concordia High Banks on Sunday evening, the fifth of September. I was surprised and appreciative when I was told that veterans were getting in free. My elation turned to disappointment and disgust however when the racing program was started without our National Anthem being played. Thirty-some years ago I raced an old-school modified race car that started life as a 1932 Chevy Coupe, on tracks in Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa for seven years. In all those years, at all those tracks, in all of those states, as a driver or spectator, I never experienced a racing program commencing without the National Anthem having been played or sung. Since I quit driving and became a spectator, I cannot recall attending a race without the National Anthem preceding the racing program. I left the track in disgust, wondering what has happened to our once great nation. As a veteran and a patriotic American I have had enough of all the anti-American, anti-Military, anti-Police sentiment that is shoved in our face every day. What message did the young people in the stands get from that act of disrespect? That our country's flag and anthem are meaningless? Someone owes an apology, not to me, but to all those brave Americans who have fought and died making the ultimate sacrifice for GOD and Country. If I was one of the sponsors of this track I would insure that this type of disrespect never happens again. As for me, I doubt I will ever again go to the High Banks. Some might consider my feelings to be petty and utter nonsense, but I doubt families who have lost loved ones in service to America or veterans who have served and sacrificed would consider them as such. Where did the level of patriotism that our mothers and fathers and those who were here before them go? I am saddened and very concerned for our nation. Duty and Honor drives my Patriotism, what drives yours?
Denny Taylor
Life Member of the VFW
Voter, Taxpayer and Damn Proud American


Concordia Blade-Empire

510 Washington St.
Concordia, KS 66901