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Letter to the Editor 9-28-18

Dear editor,
Kindred Hospice of McPherson is amazing! The entire staff cares for Mom like she is their family member. We met Kindred when the doctor said we needed Hospice to care her, we didn't know where to start, but an angelic friend of ours, Rose Koerber, said she could call Kindred Hospice for us. From the moment Theresa, a Kindred RN, called and said she could meet with us that day, we felt so relieved. She evaluated Mom quickly and started ordering everything we needed.
She sleeps so well in the adjustable bed they had delivered the same day, especially with the fantastic air mattress. The 16” wheelchair fits her perfectly and every medical supply we could ever need is provided. When she needs an Rx, Theresa calls the pharmacy and picks it up for us. Everything imaginable is provided, and everyone arrives with a smile and such kind words. A very tense situation quickly dissolves when Kindred arrives.
Kindred Hospice is always on time or a bit early and provides 24-hour care when necessary. One night Mom was having difficulty breathing, and the nurse came at 10:00 with a smile and didn't mind making the night trip. Amazing!
Words cannot describe the peace and comfort that the staff provides, and immediately our family felt confident that with Kindred's help, we could all care for Mom and she would have a wonderful “rest of her life” at home in her comfortable surroundings. We think most people would like to remain in their own homes and that is what Kindred provides, the opportunity to do just that.
Kindred works very hard to make the Hospice experience very easy for the family, and there are no words to ever thank them all enough. Just know we will never forget any of you, your excellent care, your smiles and opportunity to share the remainder of Mom's life in a home setting – her home.
Nancy Greenwood


Concordia Blade-Empire

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Concordia, KS 66901