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Letter to the Editor 9-6-19

Dear Editor:
As I have had the opportunity to travel in the county and surrounding area, it would appear the ag producers may have a very good fall harvest. The soybean crop in particular appears to be in good shape, thanks to the rainfall we have experienced in August of this year.
But even with the prospect of a good harvest, I think about the millions of dollars that will NOT flow to area producers and their landlords because of the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. I would estimate the impact to the markets to be $2 to $3 per bushel less for soybeans and at least $1 per bushel less for corn and milo.
I hope your subscribers realize the tremendous penalty all of us living in areas where agriculture is the dominant industry are paying for the blunders of the Trump administration. The policies of the administration with regard to agriculture will make it more difficult for us to support our schools, churches, community college, local government and perhaps most importantly, local businesses. Our auto, implement, hardware stores, etc., will feel the impact of the losses caused by the Trump administration.
The problem is also not just an immediate one, but with the loss of sales of ag commodities to China, the impact will be felt for several years.
I am reminded of a famous quote by President Reagan that seems appropriate, “In this instance, the government is not the solution to your problems, the government is the problem.”
R. Kent Anderson


Concordia Blade-Empire

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