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Club Notes

Thirteen members of Lady Bracknell Red Hat Club met on Wednesday, July 3, for their monthly luncheon meeting. The July venue was Arby's. Members ordered Dutch Treat and visited while enjoying lunch. Following the meal, Nancy Reynolds told a humorous pun about two government employees and a woman passerby. The men had been told to measure the height of a flagpole and were staring up at it when the woman walked by. She asked the men what they were looking at and they told her the task assigned to them, but without a ladder they couldn't figure out how to measure the pole. She asked if they had a wrench and a tape measure and they told her they did. She proceeded to unscrew the pole, laid it down and measured it. "Sixteen feet six inches," she announced. Then she replaced the pole handed the men the tools and walked off. One worker said to the other, "Have you ever seen anything like that woman? We need the height of the pole and she measured the length." The two men are still employed by the government and are now congressmen. There were no July birthdays. The next luncheon will be at Easy G on August 7 at 11:30 a.m. Reservations may be made to Nancy Reynolds 262-4016.


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