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Club Notes

The monthly luncheon of Lady Bracknell Red Hat Club was held on Wednesday, September 4, at the Concordia Senior Center. Fourteen members attended the meal prepared by Chef G and his assistant, Mary Vasquez. The meal consisted of meatloaf, baked potatoes with all the fixings, broccoli with cheese sauce, carrots, pears, wheat rolls and beverages. Following the luncheon, Nancy Reynolds welcomed new member, Denise Aggson and presented her with a red hat doll. A thank you card from member Pat Taylor, was read for the card she had received from the group.  Reynolds told the story of a young man who only made one sale on his first day of work at a "one stop shopping center." The manager told him that much more was expected if he was to remain on the staff. When questioned, the kid admitted that his sale was over $101,000. As the manager tried to regain his composure, the young man explained that he sold a man a pack of fishing hooks then told the customer he would need a pole. Then he learned the man had no boat so he sold him one. Since the man's car was small it would not pull the boat so he purchased a 4x4 vehicle. The manager stammered, "You're telling me this man came in to buy a pack of fishing hooks and you sold him a rod, boat and then a vehicle?" "No,” said the kid, “He didn't come in to buy fishing hooks. He came in to buy something for his wife. I told him he needed to go fishing." The October meeting will be at El Puerto's on Wednesday, October 2 at 11:30 a.m. Reservations may be made to Nancy Reynolds 262-4016.


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