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Couple Bring Uninvited Guests


Dear Annie: I hope you can offer a solution to my dilemma. Over the Fourth of July, I hosted a party at my riverfront home. Most of the guests were my son's friends, whom I get along with, and I am always happy when they bring their kids, because then my grandbabies have little ones to play with. My issue is that for the past few years at my party, one couple, "John" and "Cynthia," always invite and bring additional people whom I either don't know or don't particularly care for. They do this without asking me ahead of time.

This year, John and Cynthia brought a couple with a baby whom I had never met before. They all pitched tents in my yard and spent the night without even asking! Later in the afternoon, John's brother, sister-in-law and niece also showed up without being invited. John, Cynthia and the couples they brought with them didn't leave until late the next day, leaving dirty diapers in my garbage. They even started searching for leftovers in the fridge. (There weren't any because of all the additional uninvited people.)


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