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Gosselin twins turn 59


  The Gosselin brothers, Ron and Don, continued their tradition of multiple birthday parties as they celebrated turning 59 this year. A party at Walmart included guests, Danyell Aldridge, Gina Woodford, Lisa Woods, Linda Pahls, Brandi Nelson, Walter Newton, Leila Zenger, Randy Weaver,  J.R., Kevin Landry, Annette Watts, Connie Tholstrup, Jaqueitha Gardner, Jary Keth, Darren Lambdin, and “Bad Donkey” and other well-wishers.
  A celebration at Gambino's included guests, Garrett Peterson, Jaden Champlin, Lauren Wheeler, Austin Bombardier, Dan Conn, Vicki Conn, Kim Wiesner, David Wiesner and Greg Wiesner.
  Another party took place at OCCK, and the guests included Dawn, Bre, Bryan D, Matt, Diane, Brianna, Ronnie,Wade Stimatze, Kassi , Jon, Jeff Benyshek, Terri Meyers, Heather K., Jason, Barbara, Julie W., Renee, Lexie Gilbert, Autumn, Bob Besterman, J.R., Matt Colby, Bill, and others.
  Yet another gathering took place at the Sports Complex, and guests included Sandy Moran, Dalton Long, Michael Jordan, Alice, Candace Morgan, Ivon, Nancy and Dalton Owen, Tonya & Greg Deneault & family, Doug & Joan Olson, Izaak Robbins, Owen Britt, Trent Baker, Rich, Charles Gimbel and others.
  The final birthday party was held at the Gosselin home and included Beverly Parks, Stacy, Shannon St. John, Jeffrey, Charles Gimbel, Crystal Morris, Haleigh Stimatze, Wade Stimatze, Melva, Clifford Petry and other friends helping the twins celebrate their 59th birthday.


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