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Joke of the Month winners for Joke of the Year.

- If someone throws something at the President, does the Secret Service yell "Donald, duck!"
31% (78 votes)
- Why couldn't the lifeguard save the hippie? The hippie was too far out, man.
29% (74 votes)
- I told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made me an appointment for Tuesday.
21% (54 votes)
- Classified Ad: single man with toilet paper seeks single woman with hand sanitizer for good clean fun.
6% (14 votes)
- I married my wife for her looks, but not the ones she's been giving me lately.
4% (10 votes)
- The past, present, and future had a fight. It was tense.
2% (6 votes)
What do Raiders and Broncos fans do after they win the Super Bowl? Turn off the Xboxes.
2% (5 votes)
- Police were alerted to an accident. A truck carrying Worcestershire sauce had crashed. "What's the situation," the cop asked
2% (4 votes)
- Nail salons are closed. Hair salons are closed. Lash salons are closed. It's about to get real ugly out there.
1% (3 votes)
- Why did the toothbrush cross the road? For a change of paste.
1% (3 votes)
- Someone stole my coffee cup. The police want me to come down to the station and look at mugshots.
1% (3 votes)
Total votes: 254

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